Holi skincare tips 2022: From oil to hydration, 5 skincare tricks to adopt for glowing skin after playing with color

Holi is just around the corner. Although this is a wonderful festival of colors, it could damage your skin due to the harmful chemicals used in making these colors. Holi is a very exciting and fun festival where people like to play with colors. Your skin is exposed longer to colors, water and sun which makes it dull and dry. Many people also have allergic reactions to such exposure. To ensure you have healthy and glowing skin, we at LatestLY have picked out some skincare tips you can keep in mind as you enjoy Holi 2022 with your favorite colors. Take care of your skin that day with these simple tips!

Hydrate your skin

Before you go out to play Holi carefree, be sure to wash your face and apply moisturizer with SPF 50. Most of us tend to forget to put a good SPF cream on Holi, this which causes even more damage by remaining exposed to the outside. under the sun. Date of Holi 2022 in India: When will Dhulandi or Rangwali Holi be celebrated? Know the significance of Dhuleti, the Festival of Colors.


Take a few drops of olive oil and gently massage onto face and neck. Use coconut oil for other parts of your body. The oil will act as a barrier between the skin and the colors and will also help remove the colors easily later on.

Protect your lips, eyes and ears

Holi colors can settle around your eyes, ears and lips if not properly hydrated. Therefore, use Vaseline in these areas very carefully so as not to regret it later. Holi 2022 DIY Natural Colors: Simple ways to make eco-friendly Rang and Gulal at home and keep toxic chemicals away from your skin and hair (Watch the videos).

Use a foaming face wash

The colors used on Holi can be quite harsh, so don’t rub them in too vigorously. To remove color, use a foaming face wash. Lather for 30 seconds, then use a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil on your face for 5 minutes and use a foaming face wash again.

Moisturize again

As you wash your face several times to remove the colors, the skin may feel a little dry. Therefore, it is very important to use moisturizer again after you have finished washing your face.

Most people struggle after Holi with their skin after Holi. Many times the color does not go away or if it does, the skin tends to be dry. Try our skincare tips this Holi and have healthy, glowing skin even after the festival. I wish everyone a Happy Holi 2022!

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