Hey Pandas, what’s a great skincare/hair/beauty hack you use all the time?


It’s basic but I find it so neglected – SUNCREEN like honestly – It’s life saving skin protection – honestly makes you look younger as you age – the sun causes wrinkles and so much damage and c is bad.. sunscreen or a hat even better! The best I’ve had for all of you amazing pandas! xo



Eat well, no alcohol, no f**s, not too much sun = your best skin.



If I have any rashes or pimples, I disinfect them with apple cider vinegar until they stop burning. Then sanitize my entire face with something milder, like tea tree oil/serum.



Coconut oil. Leave it in your hair for about an hour before you shower and I swear it makes your hair so soft and shiny and I love it! (Although I’m not going to lie, washing it takes some effort.)


Sarah Mary 2 days ago

I love coconut oil!! I often use it to shave with and on my skin, but I can’t wait to try this! Thanks

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The intimate hygienic gel perfectly washes off makeup and will never cause allergies or itching



I usually use lotion on my face in the morning when I get ready, and mix a little foundation into the lotion.



Good quality lotion. I’m not talking about expensive products, but a good, thick, quality lotion (Aveeno is my favorite brand). Well-hydrated skin doesn’t tear or scratch easily, which helps keep germs out of the bloodstream.



Aloe Vera. Like en this stuff is magic. Apply on your bumps and pimples on face and after a week it will be gone. It’s like a frikin magic trick and it usually works every time



All the time? Genetic! Thank you, mom and dad!



Bag balm as a night moisturizer. Put it on wrinkles and they practically disappear overnight and it’s ridiculously cheap compared to branded beauty products on the market.



Aloe vera as a hair mask. Apply raw aloe vera to your scalp, massage very gently and leave on for half an hour before washing your hair. It contributes to healthy hair because enzymes break down dead skin cells that can clog hair follicles.



Oil of Olay with UV protection. I shoot it down before walking Brutus Augustus in the morning, and it protects my face and neck from the sun but leaves my skin soft.



Johnson&Johnson Baby Shampoo to wash your eyelids. It does not burn the eyes and leaves them soft and silky.


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