Here’s why perfume shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom –

To choose the perfume that best suits our personality, we spend too much time in the perfumery departments and spend lavishly to acquire it. Once purchased, we store the bottle at home without paying attention to the best way to store it. Discover the places to avoid to preserve the smell of your perfume!

Generally, we choose the perfume that suits us best and that also corresponds to the current season. But often, we do not take into account where the perfume should be stored.

What then becomes of this beautiful smell of your “signature” perfume if the storage location is not suitable?

For convenience, some people will store their perfume in places that are not necessarily suitable, especially when the storage rules are not respected. We will thus tend to put our perfumes in a visible and practical corner like the bathroom, the place where we often get ready before going out. Find out why this choice is not very wise!

Putting perfume in the bathroom is a common mistake

Perfume in the bathroom – Source: spm

Generally, we store perfume in the bathroom like makeup and beauty products. This instinctive storage reflex should be reviewed because it does not contribute in any way to the preservation of this product. The proof, you will notice that the smell that was pleasant when you bought your perfume is no longer the same and will only last a few minutes on your skin after spraying. The reason is however simple and strongly linked to the way of preserving the product. Indeed, it is well known that

the bathroom is the place where the ambient temperature changes frequently,

also releasing high humidity when used for taking hot baths or showers. Putting your perfume in the bathroom would then be synonymous with deterioration.

Tip: when buying your perfume, choose glass bottles because plastic can alter your product, which will not help you keep it longer.

Other places are also to be avoided to deposit your perfume there.

Putting your perfume in the fridge, a solution to avoid

Fridge – Source: spm

Did you know ? The least suitable place to keep your perfume is probably not the refrigerator, even if it is advisable to keep your perfume cool to keep it better. Indeed, when you take your perfume out of the fridge, the strong temperature variation will be harmful for your product. For good preservation,

rather place your perfume in a dry and cool place

. This location will maintain the concentration of the product, giving it a longer shelf life. If you keep it in your dressing room or your bathroom, you will probably get the opposite effect since the humidity of certain closets or your bathroom will accelerate the breakdown of the aromatic oils in your perfume.

Adopting the right gestures will allow you to better preserve your perfume

Wear perfume – Source: spm

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