Hassle-free skin and hair care tips to get rid of all Holi shades

If you had fun with the colors, we’re playing tricks for now. A reality check is a must because who wants unhealthy baggage to grow on your skin and hair? Say colors can ruin all the time and care you put in every day. To make your day or night inside the toilet less of a headache, let us give you some tips on how to get crystal clean and shiny.

These simple and effective tips will save your skin and hair from all the holiday horror you have yet to face. Apply coconut oil or olive oil to your skin and hair as a pre-holi skincare tip. This acts as a protective layer and can help you remove the color with great ease.

Skin care

1) Use sandalwood powder or oatmeal to act as a natural scrub. These are not only natural but also act as effective cleansers. Choose one of the options, add milk and run it over your skin before using a wash bar. Wash it in cold water.

2) Minimize the use of chemicals on your skin until the colors have left your skin clearly.

3) Use rose water or soothing aloe vera gel to refresh or cool your skin. Itching can be the result of excessive exposure to color.

4) Don’t skip your sunscreen no matter what. If you leave without sunscreen, you call for additional damage.

Hair care

1) If you’ve come home to see a rainbow on your locks, you know that the next task is no less of a headache.

2) Start with a cold water rinse and mask it before starting with a shampoo session. Simply spread unsweetened curd on your locks and hold for 20 minutes. Wash it well in cold water.

3) Follow with a shampoo to help your hair fade.

4) Does your hair look coarse? A conditioner is essential.

Do you have any practical tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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