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A lot of these things are going on, a lot of people are aware of their merits. Hair care does not require a lot of investment in the daily routine. Because the routine is not followed for fear of devoting more time to hair care during the busy week. But this does not mean that the hair is damaged. There is no end to hair problems. From dandruff, hair loss is a daily concern. With hair loss, they become thinner and shorter. Many people get many benefits from using home and herbal hair packs. Applying ghee to the scalp will help in hair growth. Betel leaf is also very good for the hair. Betel is not only effective for facial cleansing, but also for skin and hair care.

Benefits of betel leaves

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The use of the leaves is important both for worship, marriage and health. Because it is believed that prosperity is maintained with this leaf. Babel is a symbol of freshness. According to Ayurveda, it is potassium, nicotinic acid. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and vitamin B1 as well as other medical and essential vitamins and minerals.

How are hair extensions suitable for hair growth?

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Beet greens contain many essential nutrients for healthy hair and have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. which helps thicken and lengthen hair while conditioning it. Betel leaf also helps with itchy scalp, dandruff and split ends. Because it prevents the formation of fungi on the skin and prevents allergic reactions. A hair bundle of betel leaves is rich in vitamin C.

Don’t just drink it, apply it to your hair as well. Vitamin C is a precursor to the production of the protein commonly known as collagen. Very beneficial for the hair. Vitamin C promotes healthy hair, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. On the other hand, lack of vitamin C leads to dry hair.

How to use rice for hair?

Houseplant leaves can be used as a hair pack. To use a betel leaf hair mask, add one tbsp d. It leaves the hair fresh and conditioned.

Learn how to make a hair pack

– A paste of 5 to 10 sheets of leaves

– 2-3 spoons of ghee

– A spoonful of honey

– Lots of water

Now know the way…

Add the rice paper to the grinder. Mix it with a little water. Now put it in a bowl and mix ghee and honey in it. Mix the paste well, so that all the ingredients are well mixed, now keep it aside for a few minutes. Apply the mixture on the scalp and the length of the hair. Then part the hair and apply the paste with your fingers or a brush. Apply this paste on the hair roots and massage for 4-5 minutes. Leave it for half an hour. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. Cleanse with a mild shampoo and conditioner.


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