Hair care: Tips to make your hair soft and supple

It is a saying that we should invest in our hair because it is a crown that we will never take away. Silky, smooth and healthy hair is extremely satisfying. There are different types of hair such as long-short, curly-straight, dry hydrated, etc. but it is everyone’s dream to have soft and bouncy hair. But these days, we have started to use a lot of heating products on our hair such as iron, curler and hair dryer, all together affect our hair quality. Making them dry and dull.

Below are some tips that will help make your hair soft and bouncy, courtesy of Madhumeeta Dhar, Research Director, Plantas.

1. Use oil and serum – Oiling your hair and using serum nourishes your hair and makes it healthy. The oil and serum also protect your hair from regular wear and tear. The serum can be used before and after washing, asks you to use it according to the instructions for use or according to your preferences.

2. Keep your hair clean – During summers, the sun, sweat and dirt work against your hair. It is suggested to make sure that you shampoo twice a week to get rid of all the oil. Also, avoid over-shampooing as it can dry out your hair.

3. Regular use of conditioner – Apply a small amount of conditioner from the middle of your hair down and distribute it evenly to ensure that each strand is coated with a layer of hydrated happiness.

4. Don’t Rinse Too Much – After applying conditioner, we should try rinsing with cold water and make sure your hair is slightly slippery. Conditioner creates a barrier between hair and dust particles, so it’s important to use conditioner.

5. Comb your hair gently – We absolutely must avoid brushing the tangles of our hair as soon as we get out of the shower because this activity damages your hair more. Instead, it is suggested to gently comb your hair when wet, then switch to a brush when dry.

6. Invest in a silk pillowcase – It’s a known fact that cotton absorbs moisture and therefore sucks all the essential oils out of your hair. While on the other hand Silk will retain these oils and since the fabric is soft it will reduce friction leading to less breakage.

7. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks – Go for regular haircuts to avoid split ends and keep your hair healthy

8. Homemade Hair Pack – Just like your skin, your hair also needs extra care to fight off the damaging effects of time. Opt for a hair pack to give your hair the much-needed care and pampering.

9. Best solution – Use organic and natural hair products for a complete treatment of your hair, make it fully nourished and healthy, and have the required softness and bounce as you want. Look absolutely fabulous and confident.

“Our hair is a style statement, a beauty statement and an expression of self-love.” So never give up on your hair.

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