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If you’re unfamiliar with hair typing, hearing someone say it’s a type 4B or a type 2A might sound like a weird cataloging system. But for anyone with anything other than straight hair, knowing your specific texture category can be the difference between having a great curly hair day and fighting frizz and tangles all day.

Type 3A hair is just one of 10 hair types described by the celebrity hairstylist Andre Walker. Remember how we mentioned that once upon a time people only considered three types of hair? Well, thanks to Mr. Walker, we’ve updated that outdated concept into a more comprehensive system with four hair types. General textures are categorized from one to four, then types two through four are divided into three additional subtypes.

If you have type 1 hair, your texture is straight and no additional subtypes are included. Type two is for curly hair only and breaks down into 2A, 2B, and 2C. Type three is for curly hair with that stereotypical corkscrew curl and is also divided into three subtypes, including this one as well as types 3B and 3C. And type four is for curly (also called kinky-curly) hair, where you’ll have types 4A, 4B, and 4C.

Type 3A hair is the loosest of the general type 3 curl pattern and often looks like very soft curls. The curl diameter is larger and can be easily imitated on straight, wavy and frizzy hair with a good set of curls. Generally, 3A heads tend to have more shine than shine in their hair and may have more of an S-curl than a corkscrew.

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