Hair care tips: Get beautiful shiny hair like Jacqueline with egg whites and beer! Here are important tips for hair care ingredients like egg white and beer, ways to incorporate them into your hair care routine.WAALI News

Pooja is over, Eid season is not over. After that important festivals like Kali Puja, Diwali, Vabonta are left out. Therefore, there should be no flaws in hair and skin care. Many follow social media advice for glamorous skin and shiny hair. Many follow beauty advice from Bollywood celebrities. Recently, Sri Lankan beauty queen Jacqueline Fernandez posted a photo on Instagram with some skin care and hair care tips. This is where the real secret of beautiful wavy hair was revealed on the net. In this article, he said that he used egg white and beer for hair care. It keeps hair shiny and healthy.

That’s right, white wine and beer. In the post, she wrote, “My hair is one of my most important assets.” Partly genetic but never compromise on hair care. Take care of your hair by following a routine. A therapeutic hair massage is essential. Because it is very important to be in the initial state before trying different hairstyles. The conditioner you use is also important. Thus, the extra layer of hair is formed.

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Jacqueline’s hair routine

Many people rely on home remedies to have beautiful, shiny hair. Sometimes use a face mask with yogurt or a pure honey-based lip balm. As important as skin care is, hair care is also important. In his words, he uses a white hair mask. Also rinse with beer for shiny hair. You also want therapeutic hair massage for hairstyles.

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Jacqueline uses an egg white hair mask for her hair. If you want beautiful and shiny hair like Jacqueline, mix 4 spoonfuls of almond milk, three spoonfuls of egg white and 2 spoonfuls of coconut oil in a bowl. When the three ingredients are mixed evenly, leave it for half an hour and apply the coating to the hair. Then shampoo with cold water. Shampoo should use conditioner. Use this mask three times a week. Dry hair will become very vibrant. White hair mask to cleanse the scalp. Helps strengthen hair roots, promote hair growth and fight dandruff.

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Drinking beer is very common among glamorous people. If you want to have shiny, healthy hair like the celebrities, pour 1 cup of beer into a large bowl and wash your hair. You can wash your hair regularly. Additionally, you can massage the salt into the hair and skin. Then wait more than two hours. When finished, wash your hair with cold water.


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