Hair care tips for traveling

Traveling is relaxing for us but not for our hair. We plan a lot for our dressing room, our skin care, our makeup and usually forget about our hair care which is also important. Our hair is exposed to dirt, different waters, air, sunlight, humidity, etc., which is not very healthy for them.

Apparently when you travel your hair care routine gets ignored and affects the health of our hair.

To keep your hair healthy and beautiful during the holidays, follow our simple tips:

1. Keep hairstyles practical and comfortable: IIt’s hard to wear and maintain a stylish hairstyle while on vacation, so it’s best to get a good haircut before you travel that looks good on you but is also easy to maintain. Avoid styling that requires styling products and tools. A Wash and Go haircut is the best option.

2. Preconditioning is essential: Hair becomes dry during travel and usually begins to look dull and damaged. It is very important to prevent hair from drying out by applying oil to it before daily washing. It takes 5 minutes to precondition your hair, but it makes a big difference to the health of your hair.

3. Deep moisturizing care: It’s very healthy to have a spa or deep conditioning treatment on your hair a few days before you travel. It will keep hair healthy and in good condition during your trip. The moisturizers instantly make your hair shiny and soft, it’s still a plus!

4. Protect hair from the sun: Cover your hair when out in the sun. Hair also burns like your skin with too much sun exposure and prevention is the best way to avoid this. Wear a cap or scarf in sunny places.

5. Apply the serum: Hair usually becomes dry during travel, applying a serum (leave-in conditioner) before brushing will prevent hair breakage. It will also protect the hair against excessive dryness.

6. Protect hair from swimming pool and salt water: If you plan to go swimming or enjoy the sea, cover your hair with a swimming cap or oil your hair well to avoid damage with chlorine and salt. Always shampoo gently after these activities to keep hair clean and healthy.

7. Avoid styling products 😀Do not use styling products on your hair unless it is extremely important during travel. These products are mostly greasy and attract dirt when you go outside. Dirt and greasy products on the scalp can cause dandruff and damage. Keep hair clean and dry most of the time.

8. Simplify your hair care: Keep your hair care routine simple on vacation. Pre-conditioning (applying oil to hair for 5 minutes before washing) and daily shampoo are best and will surely keep hair healthy on your trip.

Hair is the most important part of your personality, keeping it healthy and beautiful during the holidays will definitely make it more special. Also plan your hair like other things before you go on a trip. Follow our simple tips to make your vacation hair-friendly.



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