Hair care for women over 50: a beauty industry expert’s guide

Thanks in large part to famous women going gray (and making it a cultural phenomenon, no less), hair care for women over 50 has never been more important. Between the advancement of science and the beauty industry acknowledging that it must meet the needs of aging hair, it’s a fruitful time to consider how you can maintain the thickness and texture of your locks through the aging, drastic hormonal changes, times of high stress and beyond. . Tapping into hair care for women over 50, three experts here break down what happens to hair as it ages and what you can do to make it stronger for fuller, softer, shinier lengths. .

What happens to the scalp and hair as it ages?

It’s inevitable: over time, the hair will gradually begin to change. “There is increased loss and slower hair growth, more frizz and dryness, less volume and loss of pigmentation in the hair strands, resulting in more gray and white hair,” says Debra Lin , Ph.D., hair science expert and chief scientist. agent for hair care brand Better not younger. In addition to the effects of aging, many women are impacted by the transition to menopause, which typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. hair, and a potential increase in sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which may be linked to hair thinning and hair loss as estrogen levels decline,” says Lin. As Brigitte Hillcertified trichologist and founder of Scalp Root Cause Analysis, points out: Even the slightest change in hormones can lead to chronic and serious changes in the scalp. “As we age and fail to engage in proper scalp care or maintenance, our aging scalp causes hair follicles to deteriorate,” Hill explains. “The skin on the scalp undergoes similar changes, as does the skin on our faces.”

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How can you optimize strength and growth?

When it comes to hair health, it’s important to think holistically, taking care of the scalp, protecting the strands and ensuring proper dietary nutrition. Raising scalp awareness and meeting your scalp’s basic needs (cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing) are essential at any age, but especially as you get older. “Hair is an extension of the scalp,” says Hill. “The more stable you keep your scalp’s microbiome and skin barrier, the better it will work, [lessening] risks of unwanted scalp conditions and hair loss. To remove congestion (such as buildup from natural oils and styling products), gently massage the scalp with your fingertips or with a brush, such as Manta’s Healthy Hairbrush, and cleanse thoroughly with a mild shampoo if necessary. Because hair tends to be more porous with age, which can lead to more breakage, Gaby Longsworth, Ph.D., hair scientist, certified hair practitionerand founder of the natural hair blog Absolutely all wrapped uprecommends avoiding shampoos containing sulfates as they can “cause and aggravate frizz, dryness and yellowing of gray hair.”

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To help rejuvenate the scalp, consider applying a lightweight supercharged scalp serum, such as Anti-hair loss from Dr. Barbara Sturm Where Tonucia Natural Filler Youth Concentrate by René Furterer elixirs, then. For extra hydration and protection, adding a lightweight, hydrating leave-in treatment to your locks can help repair and smooth the cuticle. But remember: less is more: “Be gentle on your hair and scalp and don’t overload the product,” Lin says. “Lightly distributing the product on the hair or spreading the products on your hands before application can reduce the risk of weighing the hair down and allow reapplication if necessary. A little product goes a long way! If you don’t still started adopting your natural gray there are many benefits to making the transition and focusing on improving what you have Chemical dyes make hair more brittle and prone to breakage so go more natural will help retain length and thickness while maintaining a healthier scalp.Finally, nutrition through a balanced diet and/or dietary supplements can help provide the necessary building blocks, essential vitamins and minerals and energy for healthy hair Foods high in iron, zinc, vitamin C, B vitamins and omega-3s are most often linked to stronger, longer hair. To fill nutritional gaps, Longsworth recommends taking daily multivitamin and collagen supplements, the latter of which is particularly beneficial because your body produces 50 percent less collagen in your mid-50s.

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What’s the best way to style aging hair to give it lift and volume?

“Gray hair has more space at the cuticles, and because of that, conditioner molecules will penetrate quickly and in greater amounts,” says Longsworth. As a result, she suggests women with thinner or thinning hair avoid or lightly use heavy conditioners and leave-in treatments. “Too much product buildup will weigh hair down and cause it to stick to the scalp, making it look even finer,” she adds, pointing out that fine hair types are better off sacrificing definition for volume. When it comes to lift and volume, not all volumizing products are created equal, especially for more mature lengths. “Aging hair is often brittle, dry and fine, which means products that add volume by rubbing the hair cuticle and drying the hair can make it more brittle,” Lin warns. Instead, opt for products designed for your hair type and texture that are also lightweight and won’t leave hair feeling flat or straw-like. Thickening products, such as Better Not Younger Lift Me Up Spray Where R+Co’s Bleu Magnifier Thickening Spray instantly helps plump hair with volumizing ingredients like biotin. Of course, heat styling tools can also be used to help achieve volume, but proceed with caution. “Heat can stress strands of hair and cause damage, especially when applied directly to wet hair,” says Lin, who encourages gentle towel-drying or using a hair dryer at low heat with heat protectant spray to help shield hair from heat while softening and conditioning. strands.

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