Hair care: 5 natural practices for better hair

The ancient Vedic science of wellness claims that beauty is just an extension of good health. Healthy hair and skin are just a reflection of a balanced body. He reiterates that everything in this living universe is interdependent and that the secret to being beautiful is when you are in perfect balance with everything else in this biome.

In India, we have always followed standard practices to take care of our body, internally and externally. These practices are often linked to traditions, such as the Haldi ceremony in Indian weddings. Haldi debronze the skin, removing excess inflammation and dirt. However, our culture is rich in information about daily practices that can improve the health of our hair and give us long, soft hair in the long run. Radhika Iyer Talati, Founder of Raa Foundation & Anahata Organics, Yogini and Mountaineer shares some healthy practices that can improve the health of your hair.

Massage your scalp with oil

We all grew up receiving “shrooms” from our mothers and grandmothers. Oiling your hair with a gentle massage not only hydrates the scalp, it provides the necessary nutrition for your hair and stimulates blood circulation. With increased blood circulation in the scalp, the hair becomes thicker and stronger. Before each hair wash, apply oil to your hair and leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

Drink cinnamon water with lime every morning

Cinnamon is an ingredient that has incredible benefits for your gut health. Modern research proves how important the gut is to our overall health, calling it the “second brain”. Drinking hot water with cinnamon and lime in the morning helps develop healthier and useful bacteria in the gut, the effects of which are visible on glowing skin and shiny hair. Do this regularly for at least 21 days and you will see undeniable results.

Wash your scalp once a week

We all wash our hair, but we often neglect our scalp. Not cleaning your scalp is the main reason you can get itchy, infections, or dandruff. When you start cleaning your scalp once a week, your head will be fresher and have a lot less gunk. A scalp free from dirt and pollution makes way for better quality hair. After all, it all starts with how we nurture our roots.

Practice Yoga Asanas for Hair Health

Yoga asanas are very scientific in their approach. They stimulate certain systems in our body to increase or decrease hormonal levels in the target areas. This makes them very effective in solving health related issues. Some yoga asanas improve hair health by reducing stress (which is one of the main causes of hairball) and increasing blood circulation to the scalp. These asanas are:

Balasana (child pose) – extremely helpful in reducing stress levels.

Vajrasana (lightning pose) – useful for stimulating healthy gut bacteria.

Matsyasana (Fish Position) – popularly known to promote strong and healthy hair growth.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (head down pose) – sends fresh blood and oxygen to the scalp.

Practice these asanas at least 4 times a week.

Incorporate natural hair-friendly ingredients into your diet and products

The more we expose our hair and skin to harsh substances, the more we remove natural layers and good microorganisms. The natural ingredients are gentle and very effective when used correctly. This is reflected in the way our ancestors were able to maintain their hair. In fact, most of us have heard of the thick, luscious hair that our grandparents and parents had growing up. It was a sum of the daily practices mentioned above and using pure ingredients. Organic products are nourishing and they put us in a calmer state of mind (thanks to natural scents) that allow for more holistic health. Organic foods change the way our bodies work, making us feel both lighter and more energetic.

Some great ingredients for healthy hair are: flax seeds, kidney beans, cinnamon, methi, ghee, and chia seeds.

The little habits you practice every day make you who you are. The same goes for how you look and how you feel. The ancient wisdom of India works with one main ideology in mind: that everything is interconnected, and to be healthy inherently means to be healthy as a whole (holistic health), in body, mind and spirit. the mind.

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