Get rid of these 5 bad hair habits

Summer is the time to enjoy outdoor activities and travel to beautiful places. As we prepare our skin to face the harshness of the sun, we often forget to take care of our long hair, right? However, we must not forget about the necessary care that we must give to our hair.

At a time of year when the sun is strong and intense, the thing to remember is that it is one of the most extreme external agents that affect our hair. The worst influence of sunlight can be dry, brittle hair. Anything can happen when it comes to dry hair!

In this article, we will discuss some bad hair care habits that you need to get rid of this summer.

  1. No sun protection

Not protecting your hair from the sun is the biggest mistake you are making right now. Intense UV radiation from the sun tends to damage your hair, leading to loss of vitamins and minerals. Try wearing hats or caps to protect your hair from these harmful rays. You can also opt for thermal hair protectors this season.

  1. Too much draw

Those with long hair usually prefer to keep it tied up during summers. Of course, stuck or tied hair is a relief for many. But make sure you don’t end up pulling or breaking your hair while untying it.

  1. Salt water alert!

Dry hair soaks in like a sponge on contact with salt water. Seawater contains salt which removes natural fats and moisture from the hair. The same goes for pools with low pH, leaving hair weak, brittle and dry. Be sure to moisturize your hair and try using moisturizers.

  1. Not choosing the right product


Not choosing a proper nutrition line leaves your hair dry and damaged. So make sure you have a good hair care routine with the right products that are not only vegan but also have a high frequency of hydration.

  1. Take hot baths

Hot water is a total no-no for your hair. No matter how relaxing hot baths are, the hot water washes away the natural oils and washes away all the moisture from the hair. So you should always shower with normal water temperature.

But wait, you’re not done yet! After you finish washing your hair with normal water, be sure to dry it thoroughly. Don’t rub the towel too roughly on your hair. Instead, you should gently press it on your head and squeeze out excess water. Also make sure to use wooden combs instead of normal combs to avoid breaking the hair fiber. In short, if you follow these simple rules, you will soon have your beautiful hair days!

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