Fresh, single-use skincare is the future – just ask LightWater Skin

While we largely try to avoid single-use items, like plastic water bottles, dermatology experts are advocating for single-use skin care products. Bioscientist, product researcher and co-founder of LightWater Soo-Young Kang, PhD was inspired to create skincare that’s as fresh as whole food, and LightWater Skin is the result of that drive. The brand currently has two daily moisturizers on the market, with more to come.

LightWater Skin is supported by its two other founders, clinical researcher Fernanda H. Sakamoto, MD, PhD and dermatologist R. Rox Anderson, MD. Dr. Anderson’s name appears on over 80 patents and he invented laser dermatology, laser hair removal, CoolSculpting and Second Skin technology. These three experts have come together to reinvent our approach to skincare. LightWater Skin creates small batches of fresh, nutrient-dense products.

Currently, LightWater offers a Multivitamin moisturizer ($46) for the morning and a Replenishing Cream ($48) for the evening. Both of these products contain clean ingredients, are microbiome-friendly, and safe for sensitive skin.

Each purchase comes with 28 fresh daily dose packets meant to be opened and used in minutes. Single dose sachets are intended to maintain potency and hygiene by avoiding exposure to light, touch and air, which can weaken or dull the formula, especially if it contains active ingredients. Individual doses also make these moisturizers perfect for travel or on the go, so be sure to pack them this summer.

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