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Fresh air, colorful leaves, it’s almost autumn already. While we’d love to save those lazy summer evenings a little longer, we can’t deny the temptation of golden autumn. Fall is a perfect season to experiment with new hair colors. It’s a good time to adopt dark fall hair colors or warm fall hair colors, and there’s no better time to switch up your hairstyle than in the fall.

You do not know where to start ? You find the right place. To help you choose the right fall colorful wigsaccording to the latest fashion trends, here are some favorite and popular fall hair colors for black women, such as fall balayage hair, fall blonde hair, fall highlights for brown hair , autumn ginger orange hair, etc.

1. pink balayage on brown hair

The Balayage hair wig has been around for a while, it is quite different from traditional highlight wigs as the balayage color gives a blended and natural look with softer, less noticeable regrowth. The pastel pink with some blonde highlights in the front makes the wig look different in the fall, but the balayage technique blends the color well on the brunette hair which also makes the wig look very natural. The wave texture makes the wigs look fluffy and fashionable.

2. 613 blonde wig

For the fall months we focus on low maintenance hair colors, most people can choose dark colored hair, but as the temperature drops women want to keep their color bright and sunny to look their best. remember those hot summer days. When it’s cold outside, the blonde color can help them feel a little warmer. The 613 blonde color is not exclusive to summer and is a stunning color for the fall season. Except the lace frontal wig, you can also choose the 613 blonde closure wig

3. highlight wig

The brunette wig is a great idea to try in the fall and the perfect choice for a natural look, but

Solid brown wigs or black wigs can look a bit boring in the golden fall, so adding some highlights to brown or black hair is just perfect for the fall season. It can suitable for different skin types, and HD lace wigs are available in this color, which makes the wig look more realistic, people won’t even realize that you are wearing only one wig.

4. Ginger Lace Front Wig

Ginger wigs are getting hotter and hotter when choosing fall wigs. So why not consider choosing a vibrant ginger color to bring your hair color to life this fall? You can choose the ginger directly lace frontal wig and the ginger lace front wig, which brings you more confidence and attraction when you wear it. The color is also suitable for different occasions, especially the coming of Halloween.

Okay, with the list of fall hair colors, so you must have an idea of ​​what color to choose this fall. Fall is a good season to change hair color, but on the other hand, fall season means lower humidity level in the air which leads to dry hair. So here are some tips for hair care during the fall season.

Tip 1: Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Wigs dry faster in the fall because there is no moisture in the air to protect your wig, so you should choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner designed for wigs.

Tip 2: Keep hair conditioned. Deeply conditioned.

One of the most effective fall hair care tips is to do a deep conditioning treatment every week. Apply a hair mask, which provides a layer of insulation to the hair and locks in moisture to prevent frizz, dryness and strand breakage.

Tip 3: cover and protect the wig

When you sleep with the wig on at night, you can cover and protect the wig with a stain-proof scarf. Because the air inside is as dry as the hair outside in the fall, so the satin scarf or wig caps can retain your wig moisture.

Tip 4: avoid frequent use of hot tools

Since the hair is easy to dry in the fall, do your best to avoid hot tools, as they will make the hair drier. If you still want to use hot tools, we recommend using a thermal device. protector before using these tools to avoid heat-related damage.

Bonus tip: go to a stylist

If you are unsure how to protect your wig or want professional advice on how to care for your wig, then consulting a stylist is a good choice.

Above all, we sincerely hope that this article can be useful to you when you have no idea what hair color to choose and how to take care of your hair in autumn. If there are any other fall color suggestions or fall hair care tips you would like to share with us, please do not hesitate to contact Yolissa Hair.

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