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Allelique – a truly international skincare brand

Allelique is a truly international skincare brand, founded in Shanghai and headquartered in London. Positioned in the entry-level luxury market, through extensive research and understanding of skincare, Allelique has created a number of premium skincare products to help repair modern women’s skin by using a combination of technology and plants.

Natural & SPA Collection


The natural & SPA collection is a real tonic to start the day. The fresh, invigorating freshness of a lemon bouquet explodes on the skin, with almond and floral elements providing a modern, slightly soapy glow. It is a fragrance designed to refresh and sharpen our olfactory faculties, to expand our senses and awaken the soul.

Allelique Oil Control Shampoo


Allelique Oil Control Shampoo gently cleanses and smooths the hair while perfuming it with the scent of almonds and the freshness of lemons. Using enzymatic moisturizing ingredients and selected plant-extracted nutrients for deep hydration, it gives your hair smooth frizz, reduces shedding and improves shine.

Price: 158 RMB

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Allelique Hair Care Set


Opt for the hair care set and enjoy a luxury gift of skin care products worth 357 RMB!

In addition to the Oil Control shampoo, the hair care kit includes a scented conditioner. Containing natural essence of shea butter, it improves hair elasticity, rejuvenating vitality, suppleness and elasticity, while eliminating dullness and dryness.

Price: RMB316

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