Emmy Rossum shares her 28-step beauty routine, from curly hair care to hydrated skin

Emmy Rossum is a self-proclaimed skincare obsessive who’s armed herself with an array of beauty tools to address her skin’s needs (when she’s not visiting famed facialist Shani Darden’s studio, of course) . As a result, the actress is diligent with her routines, thinking the only time in her life she hasn’t completed her nighttime skincare is when she gave birth. Her regimen includes a cocktail of moisturizers, always sunscreen, and firming neck cream. “Having clear skin and hydrated skin really gives me confidence, more so than even makeup,” she says.

For his new television series, angelyne, Rossum fully transformed into the titular Los Angeles legend, sporting prosthetics and a blonde wig. But in real life, of course, Rossum’s curly brown hair is her beauty calling card, which makes her hair routine all the more essential. It all starts in the shower with Living Proof Stylerfollowed by The Curly Co. Foldable Diffuser. “What I love about curly hair is that I think it gives you confidence,” the 35-year-old says, though she admits she’s spent years trying to change it. “Finally, embracing my natural hair is something that now makes me feel so unique.”

After a light layer of foundation, Rossum mixes a duo of Kosas and Kevin Aucoin concealers for her under-eyes, but avoids covering up the subtle blue veins in the area. When she was working on a film with her husband, director Sam Esmail, he would ask makeup artists to leave that part of her undereye uncovered. “Because he said it looked real and authentic,” Rossum says. “And actually the fact that he liked it about me made me love it at home.

Two Jillian Dempseys lid tints (one pink, one brunette) are followed by two coats of By Terry’s twist brush formula. “I really like more matte products. I find anything that has a kind of iridescence, those little particles tend to make me pop,” she says before dusting off a Benefit Cosmetics Bronzing Powder and Chanel blush on his cheeks. A brow pencil and gel enhance her brows, while a trio of pigments give her lips a dewy tint. And with a spritz of Vaniglia del Madagascar by Profumi di Firenzeshe is ready to start her day.

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