‘Emily in Paris’ Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu ditches skincare routine

“It was fun playing because of that and realizing that no, we have to own our age and love him for who he is,” said Leroy-Beaulieu. “A world where people cannot age is a dangerous world. I had a discussion with my 30 year old daughter about this recently. She said, ‘Mom, I don’t want to live in a world where women can’t age.’ I think it’s important to really own this aging thing and not make it a problem, not make it something that we can’t talk about. There is no guilt or shame in getting old. It’s something that happens to everyone, you know?

She continues: “I understand the insecurity, the pressure we are under, especially in our profession. But if someone doesn’t start saying, ‘It’s my age, and that’s who I am, my wrinkles are my wrinkles, I own my wrinkles, it’s all my life…’ it’s a bit sad. Aging gracefully is being a nicer person than you were when you were younger, because life kind of polishes you. And have a better understanding of how people feel, who people are, and have more compassion and less competition with everyone. “

But when I tell Leroy-Beaulieu that I need to know exactly what she’s doing to look so effervescent, the answer surprises me. “The more I put on my skin, the more I feel like it isn’t breathing, so I keep it really simple,” she says. “It’s also what you put in your body, which everyone knows.” She says she juice every now and then and also does intermittent fasting; she also adopted a routine each September. “I do what we do a lot in Europe, since the Romans or even the Greeks, who only eat green and red grapes with seeds. I did this while filming the first season because it was September and the grapes were in season. I just did two weeks because I was starting to smell all the food on the set and it would make me want something else. I got fed up with the taste after a while, but in general it’s great. I’m not really losing that much weight, but what’s happening to my skin and my eyes and all of my organs and my hair and everything is amazing. I don’t get tired. In fact, I am getting so much energy after four or five days. So that’s the kind of thing I do every year. It’s one of my secrets. [Editor’s note: While Leroy-Beaulieu has tried this routine, diets are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Speak to your doctor before trying a new diet regimen of any kind.]

So what does Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu do when the grapes are out of season? She abandons her skincare routine to tell us what she swears for Sylvie’s radiance.

my cleanser

It’s called ZQ-11 Moisturizing Amino Acid Cleanser, and it’s a Korean brand, I believe. It was given to me by a friend and I love it so much.

my tonic

For my tonic, I just use floral water that you can find anywhere. It can be rose water, it can be orange water. All that is really natural. I can spray it; when I feel like I need more, I just dampen a cotton ball and apply.

my serum

I use Clinicare’s X3M EGF Refresh Serum, which is a repairing and protective moisturizer. It’s a very light, almost transparent serum, and it’s really hydrating. My skin type is normal, but then it gets drier in the winter, obviously, so I love this product.

My essence

Clinicare X3M EGF Refreshing Essence. It’s really hydrating. It penetrates the skin, and it is plump and cool after application. If it’s neither too cold nor too hot, I only wear that. When it gets a little colder, I could put something else on top of it at night.

My moisturizer

I use La Fervance Éclat Extraordinaire when the weather is cold and I need something else besides my serum and my essence. It’s a cream that I learned from an Australian who lived in Paris and who is now back in Australia. It’s an amazing cream that I’ve been using for almost a year now, and I’m just crazy about it. I apply a super thick layer at night when I feel I really need a bit of hydration, or as a very thin mask during the day. Just make sure you rub it in well. At night you can leave it on and when you wake up you will still find some in front of your eyes, and it’s nice to know that it hasn’t dried out overnight. It’s just a really good cream.

My sun protection

I grew up in Italy where we have been taught since we were children never to be in the sun at certain times. At 12 o’clock you take shelter from the sun for up to 4 a.m. and never stay in the sun during those hours. But I never treated the sun as my enemy. Its good. It’s your vitamin D. It’s happy; it is joyful. Although I don’t wear sunscreen, I do wear a hat and sunglasses. Or I am in the shade.

My lip balm

I use a French brand called Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm. It’s so good for dry lips.

My device

Yes, I use a gua sha stone a bit. I also use a derma roller which has small tips – no needles, just small tips. You turn red for about five minutes – and it’s great to really draw the blood – but then it’s gone. I use it every morning.

My supplements

I also take the D + for Care Collagen & Spirulina dietary supplement, which I recently discovered. It’s really good, and I take it every morning when I wake up. You just ate it. I think it’s good for my hair and everything.

Jessica Radloff is the Charm West Coast Editor. You can follow her on Instagram at @ jessicaradloff14.

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