Easily the fanciest perfume brand on the market, and I can’t get enough of it


I think we often underestimate how difficult it is to buy perfume is. For starters, the trick is Dear. While parting with a few pounds on a foundation it’s not quite true doesn’t sound like a huge financial loss (and with a little bit of mixing up you can usually find a way to make it work), dropping three numbers on a scent that’s not all what you hoped is harder to swallow.

We’ve all been there. You spray something on the counter and fall in love at the first sniff, or smell something divine on someone and add it straight to the cart, only to bring the merchandise home, soak in the stuff and realize that it gives you a foul-smelling headache.

And to make buying perfume even more difficult, we are now faced with what looks like hundreds of painful clichés. pretty bottles every time we log into Instagram. But chic bottles are not always synonymous with chic perfumes. In fact, finding perfumes that smell as good as they look can be tricky business. There is one brand, however, that in my opinion is seriously underrated in this area.

Chances are you’ve heard of Aerin fragrances before. Their distinctive stone lids and beautiful gold hardware make them a perfect Insta material. But we would forgive you for never sniffing them. You see, unlike so many other Instagrammable fragrances around (no, I won’t name names), the fragrances of Aerin fragrances are enviable unique, durable and universally portable.

The brand, founded by Aerin Lauder (yes, it’s the granddaughter of the Estée Lauder) is above all a beautiful, effortless life. Think of classic scents but with an air of modern ease and luxury that makes it the ultimate accessory. Despite my collection of 70 fragrances, it is the Aerin fragrances that I look for day after day. They are the epitome of relaxed luxury.

The scents themselves are easy to wear, powerful without being heady, and become one with the skin in a way that makes people think you are just smelling. this Well. In fact, I like to think of my Aerin collection as my wardrobe. There’s the kind of flowing chiffon dress that exudes carefree nostalgia, the tailor that screams authority, and the cozy cashmere sweater that exudes warmth and comfort.

I’m the kind of person who loves my signature scents to be Mine, so in a way, I kind of pushed back writing this story. Because the truth is, out of all the perfume brands I’ve ever tried (name a scent I haven’t smelled, I challenge you), Aerin is the most appealing to the kind of person who likes to keep his signature perfume a secret. The fragrances are unique enough to spark interest and easy enough to wear that people are asking for them.

So despite the fact that it pains me a bit to share Aerin’s secret with all of you, it kind of feels like it needs to be done. Because even though I’m the kind of girl who likes to keep delicious scents to myself, I feel that Aerin Lauder is too, and that’s how she was able to create masterpieces too. delicious again and again.

Keep scrolling to buy the best Aerin fragrances out there …

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau De Parfum 50ml (£ 99)

They say you shouldn’t have any favorites, but this little guy makes it really tough. It’s tangy and fruity (think juicy grapefruit and orange) but richly floral at the same time. Yes, it has that kind of Mediterranean summer vibe, but I wear it all year round. Like a crisp white shirt and freshly ironed jeans, it embodies the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle much more than a hot sun.

Aerin Cedar Violet Eau De Parfum 50ml (£ 99)

The latest Aerin launch, I have a feeling Cedar Violet is destined for cult status. Think of the crisp fall walks through the forest that free the mind and the senses. It’s woody but not in the traditional sense. With violet leaves and golden gardenia, it’s light and floral enough to remind you of the great outdoors in early fall, rather than a crackling fireplace in winter.

Aerin Ikat Jasmin Eau De Parfum 100ml (£ 145)

For those who don’t like floral scents, you might generally be put off by the mention of jasmine. However, I challenge anyone to smell this and look up. With tuberose and jasmine, yes that is floral, but with the inclusion of sandalwood and honeysuckle, it’s more velvety and luxurious than you might imagine.

Aerin Ambre Musc Eau De Parfum 50ml (£ 99)

This is probably considered to be Aerin’s best-known scent and it is distinctly different from the rest. While the bulk of the collection is light and airy, Amber Musk is full bodied and warm. With amber, musk and coconut water, it’s like putting on a freshly washed sweater before hanging out to dry on a sunny winter day.

Aerin Ambrette De Noir Eau De Parfum 50ml (£ 150)

By far the most polarizing scent in the range, Ambrette de Noir is strong and certainly for those who like to make a statement with their scent after dark (me). With ambrette seed, tonka absolute, bourbon vanilla and cedarwood, this is probably the most seductive scent I have ever possessed.

Aerin Rose De Grasse Eau De Parfum 50ml (£ 150)

Rose perfume lovers are not welcome here. In fact, forget everything you think you know about rose as a scent note. La Rose de Grasse is considered one of the most beautifully blended rose scents out there by just about every fragrance lover I know for good reason. It’s light but musky and leaves you feeling like a bouquet of fresh flowers all day long.

Aerin Tangier Vanilla Eau De Parfum 50ml (£ 99)

I first smelled Tangier vanilla on a friend and the scent enveloped me in a dizzying and tantalizing embrace. It’s sweet and bright thanks to the vanilla and bergamot, but the amber, musk, and cedarwood give it a soft depth that makes you want to spray it on and on.

Aerin Aerin Lilac Path Eau De Parfum 50ml (£ 99)

It’s what I like to call a luxury spritz. It’s fresh and fluid, like crunchy green leaves in spring, but it has a powdery side that makes it sweet and pleasant on the nose. A scent that really suits your skin, but better.

Next, I wear only woody scents – these are my cult choices.

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