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FARGO – Hello skincare enthusiasts!

Are you ready to put on your glazed donut?

Got your exfoliating cleanser? Your peptides? Your serum? Your super-hydrating moisturizer?

Oh, and don’t forget the magic ingredient: enough powdered sugar frosting to give you that shiny, sugary glow that no Homer Simpson can resist.

You heard me right. Glazed donut skin — skin so bright and luminous it glows like freshly glazed Krispy Kreme — is apparently THE biggest beauty trend of 2022, according to internationally acclaimed dermatology journal, Popsugar.

I know it’s true, because those are the words spoken by none other than sexy model Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber,

Instagram influencer

and wife of Justin Bieber.

Rhode Baldwin Bieber – who will now call himself HRBB to save on trees and keystrokes – recently announced to his 40.9 million Instagram followers that “icy skin (donut emoji) all of 2022. Tell it to a friend.”

A few months earlier, HRBB also highlighted the many moisture-soaked stages of her glowing skin, telling viewers, “My norm when I go to bed at night is if I don’t go to bed looking like a glazed donut, so I I don’t do the right thing. (HRBB, coincidentally,

also launches the Rhode skincare line,

which will hopefully include concealer, flash eyeshadow, and cinnamon skin serum.)

There’s no doubt that HRBB’s “glazed donut skin” trend is sure to be more popular than Willem DaFoe’s Beef Jerky skincare line in 2003 or Wilford Brimley’s boiled chicken skincare trend in 2003. 1987.

But if I put that much oil on my face — even at the ripe old age of 56 — I’d break out so violently that I’d look more like an all-purpose bagel.

Do not mistake yourself. HRBB seems like a decent guy and I even enjoyed watching his skincare regimen – just like I enjoy watching ambitious shows like

HGTV’s “House Hunters”

(“Why Simon, we could NEVER live here! Only five of the six bathrooms have solid gold bidets!”).

At one point, HRBB really lets her hair down (thick and luxurious) when she shows up with a small amount of mascara smudged on her face. “I look like a psychopath, please bear with me!” she says, laughing tantalizingly (because one suspects she might be cutting her nails, tweezing her mustache, or even burping tantalizingly).

HRBB also points out its “pimples”, which are completely imperceptible to the human eye. In fact, after removing makeup and being naked on camera, she looks absolutely flawless. (While when I recently appeared makeup-free in a Zoom meeting while battling a sinus infection, no less than two of the other three attendees privately messaged me and asked if they could take me to the emergency room.)

Then again, it’s much easier to look great on camera when you’re very young and blessed.

with the genes of Stephen Baldwin, who would have pouted three minutes after his birth,

and his beautiful Brazilian-Italian-Portuguese wife.

I guess anyone can shine like a bright angel in their twenties. It’s life’s time before your beauty routine turns into a complex moisturizing/plumping/microneedling/tweezing/freezing/sandblasting/extraction/spackling/brightening/toning/color correcting/contouring routine. what needs to be done to restore the land after extensive strip mining.

Even so, I considered inventing a similar skincare routine for my own demographic.

Move over, HRBB.

It’s time for “icy cruller skin”.

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