Alia Bhatt, despite being one of the freshest women in Bollywood, has proven to be one of the most varied young stars. The 29-year-old’s screen presence and demeanor impress everyone, both on and off screen. When it comes to her on-screen image, she exudes confidence and her amazingly beautiful skin is something we can’t ignore. Alia feels that her appearance reflects her inner self, which is why she takes great care of her skin and hair.

We’ve all seen Alia’s obsession with trying new hairstyles. She has thick, luscious locks that she constantly tweaks. However, she shampoos her hair once every 2 days to keep it strong and healthy, or once every 3 days even when she’s not working. When she’s not working, she tries to avoid using hair products.

Alia visits the spa frequently to keep her hair shiny and smooth. She also insists on the need to have hair oil regularly. She does an oil massage and then shampoos the next day after letting it sit overnight. She then applies conditioner. She believes in taking a break from styling equipment and hair products. For her luscious mane, she also consumes vitamin A in supplement or meal form.

Healthy hair comes from good eating habits. Alia Bhatt’s diet is meticulously planned, with a hearty breakfast, a light meal, and a light dinner. She incorporates cleansing foods like beets and sweet potatoes while avoiding acidic foods. Alia likes to get all the nutrients by eating whole fruits rather than liquids. She believes that drinking small amounts of water throughout workouts is the best way to stay hydrated and maintain stamina.

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