Cathy Doll aims for premiumization with perfume, makeup

Cathy Doll is the flagship brand of Thai conglomerate Karmart. It is one of the most popular beauty brands in Thailand with a product line covering makeup, skin care and body care.

Last year, the brand expanded into fragrances, with a range of eau de parfum and scented body lotions.

Karmart’s regional business development manager, Kat Wei, said the fragrance line was launched with the aim of winning over new consumers.

Talk to CosmeticDesign-AsiaAt the inaugural Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN show in Bangkok, Thailand, Wei said: “With Cathy Doll, we have always tried to keep prices competitive. Now, after more than 10 years, it’s time to introduce more premium products to increase our brand image.

According to the company, the introduction of the fragrance line was relatively successful, helping to increase the brand’s visibility and boost its sales volume and profits.

Wei said the line has encountered challenges domestically due to the higher price. However, it is doing well for its export markets. Next year, he is set to debut in Malaysia with a popular beauty store chain.

Cathy Doll is one of Karmart’s 15 beauty and wellness brands with over 1,000 SKUs between them.

As a flagship product, it remains the company’s largest and most successful brand, accounting for around 20-30% of total sales.

Since its launch in 2010, Cathy Doll has expanded into various overseas markets. Today it is available in markets such as China, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

colorless future

Over the next 12 months, the company will continue to focus on premiumization – this time for the color cosmetics category, from where it expects growth.

While makeup has generally seen a dip over the past two years due to COVID-19, Karmart has seen a huge spike thanks to its dedicated eye makeup brand Browit.

“Browit was launched in 2017, starting with brow-only products. Precisely because there was a focus on the eyes during COVID, we saw huge growth. For our export market, we experienced growth of at least 200%,Wei said.

Like many countries in the region, Thailand has abolished mandatory mask rules both indoors and outdoors. However, Wei noted that Thais continue to wear masks regardless.

At the same time, the need for makeup does not disappear. As such, the company has been working on new products such as anti-mask lip tints.

Overall, the company is seeing growth in all makeup categories, but eye makeup remains the strongest.

“Other makeup categories may be picking up, but it’s not slowing eye makeup growth at all,” Wei said.

New marketing avenues

With more emphasis on digital commerce, the company leveraged live streaming. So far it has had great results, registering five or six figures in just one hour.

“We see it taking off in Thailand and the Philippines, but not yet in Malaysia or Singapore. Still, it’s a trending channel that we’re trying to catch, and we’re doing that by tapping into a lot of our brand ambassadors,” Wei said.

In addition to live streaming, Wei said the company’s future digital marketing strategy will focus heavily on TikTok.

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