Brighter solid perfume: Which version of your perfume is the best?

If you’ve ever walked past someone on the street and thought “god, this smells good,” but can’t figure out why, we bet they were carrying a spray bottle of Glossier’s you.

The cult scent, launched by the brand in 2017, has quickly become one of the coolest scents to wear, but not for the reasons one might expect. Far from being instantly recognizable, the challenge of describing Glossier to yourself is that it – intentionally – smells a little different on everyone, hence its name.

Much like Glossier’s No-Hassle Makeup, this scent is designed to enhance, not disguise, work with your unique chemistry to bring out that fresh, “clean skin” vibe, rather than showering you with overpowering notes of florals or musk. (although both are subtly present in their own way).

A year after the liquid version of you arrived, to much fanfare Glossier released a solid version of the fragrance; this handy portable drive was also popular, but eventually discontinued. Now that Glossier has just confirmed the return of the travel-size fragrance for 2022, we thought it was high time to compare the two to see which would come out on top.

How we tested

We wore the relaunched Glossier you solid perfume for an entire day to compare its resistance to our favorite liquid counterpart, which we’ve worn occasionally over the past few years. Points to consider included ease of application, initial bloom and its duration throughout the day.

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Evaluation: 8/10


The solid and liquid versions of You arrive in the same chunky white box style with a signature pink Glossier strap that keeps them in place, but that’s where the similarities end.

The solid perfume comes in a compact, palm-sized case that swivels to reveal a solid perfume disc, along with a Glossier G token for branding. It’s ceramic, which pleasantly surprised us, as that makes it really satisfying to hold and nicely heavy, rather than a flimsy plastic case that would be more prone to breaking when thrown into a handbag. hand (the obvious intention of this travel pod).

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Perhaps making ourselves look like fools, we have to admit that we first tried rubbing the balm-like compact directly onto our wrist, and soon realized that was not the method to use. ‘most effective app, because it’s flush with the case and you can’t get a lot of purchase. The best way to put solid perfume on your skin is to dab it with your finger, then onto your pulse points, for a gentle infusion of fragrance.


Glossier’s notes get you debated on perfume forums – some get florals, powder and musk, others say they get “pencil shavings” (no, really), rubber and even, according to one reviewer, cardboard. For us, it falls somewhere in the middle – on our skin, it’s a really clean, warm neutral that lingers throughout the day, but isn’t overpowering, and has a subtle woodiness to boot.

In a nutshell, it’s probably more of a daytime pick rather than something really sultry you might pick for a night out. But overall, it’s a great all-rounder that you can wear anywhere and for any occasion, if you want.

There is a £21 price difference between the two options

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The solid compact replicates the original liquid form well, but it’s not quite as potent, representing more of the intimate, creamy end of the spectrum than the richer depths provided by the spray. However, it lasts well with just a few liberal swipes, and we could still feel it on our cervix several hours later.


It seems clear to us that solid perfume is not intended to replace eau de parfum but to offer a much more practical faithful companion to take with you on the go (we can only imagine the joys of adding it to our unrestricted hand luggage when we finally get back on a plane). As such, the price is lower and, understandably, probably won’t last as long as a full-size bottle.

However, if you love your perfume as much as we do, it will be a welcome addition to your perfume wardrobe, with the added benefit of portability. You can also buy refills of the scent disc when yours is empty (£14,, which also lowers the repeat purchase price.

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Evaluation: 9/10


The glass you bottle is a bit Marmite in nature – we’ve heard it fancy, but we’ve also heard it cheap. Personally, we’re very happy to flaunt the pink glass and red cap on our dressing table, although we can understand why that’s divisive – it doesn’t look as classic and sophisticated as other eau de parfum, but it feels on-brand for Shinier, and if you’re a collector of her makeup and fragrance, it’ll slot right into your current edition.

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Spritz and go is the nature of the game when it comes to application – it pumps out a generous amount of product, so we usually put one spray on our wrists and another on our neck, and find that’s enough for a day.


The notes here are the same as those listed above, so we won’t bore you with repeating them, but we think it’s worth noting that the scent you get from eau de parfum is much more instantaneous than the solid version – a fast flame as opposed to a slow burn.

However, it’s not one of those scents that hits you hard for five minutes and then fades – it lasts until evening and lingers on coats and scarves for days. We’ve always been impressed with its longevity, and that fact didn’t change in this latest test.


Compared to many similar women’s perfumes, we would actually say that Glossier’s Eau de Parfum represents very good value for money. You only need a few sprays for a truly powerful and long-lasting effect.

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Plus, at £45 for 50ml, it’s a fair price compared to many best-sellers, which can often hit triple figures. Look for Glossier’s (admittedly rare) 20% off around events like Black Friday, and you can bag it for even less.

The verdict: Glossier your solid perfume vs eau de parfum

Glossier solid perfume won’t be replacing our trusty eau de parfum bottle anytime soon, but we’re glad to see it return with impeccable timing, as the world slowly reopens and we once again visit worlds far from our living rooms. If you only have the budget to buy one of the two products, we’d say stick with the original, but if you’ve got £24 to spare for a beauty treatment, you could do a whole lot worse than this cute new compact.

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