Bridge between BrightSign Reader and iPads makes it easy to choose scents

On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, cosmetics brand Rituals had planned to mark the occasion with a huge gift for themselves: a house.

“As Rituals’ first flagship store, as well as a lab where products and experiences are tested by real customers, House of Rituals had to be an exciting new venture for the brand,” said Menno Huizinga, Solutions Architect senior at First Impression. . Within the store, an audiovisual collaboration between First Impression and BrightSign was planned to bring a new line of Talisman fragrances to life and inspire customers to taste the fragrances.

At 1900m², this store is much larger than the 1150 other Rituals outlets around the world (which are typically 100m²) and is located in Kalverstraat, Amsterdam’s first shopping street. “One of the key concepts of the experience store was to start selling perfumes and Rituals wanted to enter that market in a very creative way,” said Menno, “We were invited into the project to explore how audiovisual technology could enhance the brand experience and enhance the store’s fragrance line.

In the latest House of Rituals experience store, the Talisman Collection of 25 scents spanning five fragrance families is the most notable display, powered by BrightSign gamers. Here, customers can select a Rituals fragrance based on their preferred scent in an AV screen that links Rituals fragrance profiles to two world famous databases.

Two customers can use the app at the same time, accessing it through iPads placed on the left and right of the screen. The customer is invited to enter their preferred perfume first and the system automatically finds the perfume closest to the Rituals range.

Another quiz prompts customers to enter the basic ingredients they like (e.g .: white tea and blond sandalwood) and the app lights up LED lights under all the perfume bottles lined up with that scent – reducing it to three. possibilities a customer can then sample and buy. Perfumes for the left iPad user are highlighted in green, the right in red. When a customer picks up a glass pipette from the screen, a video is played showing the fragrance ingredients and background information.

“The stunning display in the Talisman Collection is built around the innovative use of lighting to guide customer choice,” said Menno. “BrightSign readers were selected for their exceptional reliability and scalability. BrightSign provides customers with free lifetime operating system updates, but allows them to select the updates that are relevant to their installation. This keeps the hardware as up-to-date as First Impression and Rituals need it, without loading it with redundant features and functionality.

“Consumer devices such as PCs are forced to accept updates and security patches as they are released, which often bloates the software, so the device needs to more memory to function properly. As a result, PC drives often need to be replaced every three to four years, while BrightSign drives can be in service for eight to nine years or more. Additionally, power efficiency is designed into BrightSign drives which typically only consume 10-15W, compared to 70-80W for an even efficient PC. Lower heat output also reduces the need for cooling and improves reliability, as overheating can shorten the life of the drive.

To create the display, First Impression built a bridge between two different programming worlds. A development team of six programmers created a completely custom skin around BrightSign players, allowing players (running BrightSign OS) to interact smoothly with iPads (running iOS). This innovation extends BrightSign players beyond their normal functionality and took six months to develop. A local network connects BrightSign players to iPads and UDP commands are used to control the player.

Two BrightSign HD1024 readers control function lighting in harmony with the digital signage presentation. Through this, BrightSign players activate the LED strips under the bottles to draw customers’ attention to the scents selected by the app.

The application also provides valuable purchasing data to Rituals, by detecting the most popular fragrance families with their customers. “Every choice a customer makes is recorded,” Menno said. “And the only personal information Rituals receives is the gender of the customer, but the store can use that data for marketing purposes. The display can link the options presented to the customer with what they ultimately bought, and can even show metrics on the most popular times and times of sale. Rituals can act on data entered by the customer to maximize return on sales.

As AV display maintenance can be a point of stress and wasted time in retail, First Impression offers Rituals a BrightSign-based BrightAuthor Connected monitoring service and a custom store monitoring application, ensuring that the experience is hardly ever disturbed. “In just a few seconds, First Impression Service is notified that one of the displays has an error and that it can be corrected before the customer notices it,” says Menno.

Due to the pandemic, the House of Rituals store has opened by appointment only with a strictly limited number. However, the technology has worked like clockwork. “Although the technology was developed for the flagship store, Rituals is so impressed with the concept that they want to roll it out in each of their high-end and flagship stores – taking the fragrance line around the world,” said Menno said.

First Impression also gave House of Rituals a flexible and easy-to-access approach to managing their in-store brand experience through a personalized store control system and app. “With a single click, the content on the screens can be changed for the new season, Christmas or Valentine’s Day,” said Menno.

Additionally, First Impression has created a custom plug-in to allow the BrightSign application to extract data from the store management system on which House of Rituals is running. “As a result, the screens automatically reflect store opening hours – going from half an hour after closing to half an hour before opening to switch to after hours content,” says Menno. . The screens can also be completely turned off. The app relies on data on the stack to ensure that the customer is only offered lines that are available in store on that day.

Light and sound are normally the key factors in audiovisual displays, but the Talisman collection shows how scent can also be smoothly integrated into an unforgettable in-store experience. The display not only showcases Rituals new ventures in the fragrance world, but also provides valuable behind-the-scenes marketing data to make it a success.

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