Blu Atlas review: Exploring their best skincare products

Blu Atlas is making a splash in the men’s skincare and grooming scene. This New York-based startup has already made waves with its all-natural vegan products.

The brand takes a pragmatic approach to its formulas and packaging. The ingredients are easy to spell and easy to read and are made with care. Created for a modern lifestyle that defies convention, Blu Atlas treats indulgence as something natural and accessible to any man or woman.

When you experience Blu Atlas products, it’s immediately clear that you’re giving yourself a premium experience. It’s luxury made simple. That said, these products offer excellent value. They’re not the cheapest options out there, because you’re paying for the premium quality, but they’re not top of the line either. With a line of all-vegan and all-natural products, they’re rare in the personal care world, especially among men’s products.

With its wide range of products, Blu Atlas offers a complete personal care solution. In this Blu Atlas review, we’ll dive into each of their new products and the aspects that make them work, and look at their effectiveness.

High performance skincare

The Blu Atlas Eye Stick offers impressive value for money. The antioxidant properties of the ingredients give this product its rejuvenating power. Coffea canephora from sub-Saharan Africa and the seaweed Dunaliella salina, extracted from saltwater lakes, are known for their richness in antioxidants.

How you cleanse your face is crucial to achieving a smooth, clear complexion. Blu Atlas has solved this problem with its cleanser and scrub. The Volcanic Ash Scrub is as powerful as it sounds. Bentonite (volcanic ash) has a naturally high absorption quality. By removing excess oil and strengthening your skin, it does an amazing job of improving the appearance of your pores.

The exfoliating scrub adds another dimension. The rich antioxidant power is due to the natural power of hibiscus flower, jojoba oil and bamboo extract. This provides a smooth, clean wash while improving skin health. Best of all, it’s hydrating and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

Stylish shaving solutions

The shaving products developed by Blu Atlas are very efficient. They come in sleek glass containers with an amber tint that provides a stylish contrast to the blue facial cleanser container.

The shaving cream uses a coconut-based gel, which soothes and nourishes your skin. The aftershave relies heavily on premium moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, and rose petal flower. These come together to provide a restorative effect to the skin, giving your face a chance to heal from the stress and tension that can build up throughout the week.

Strong hair and body performance

Blu Atlas shampoo is like a spa treatment for your hair, nourishing it from root to tip. All-natural ingredients make this possible, with jojoba oil and aloe vera leading the way. In particular, this shampoo cleans oily hair well and helps strengthen hair follicles. The shampoo-conditioner tandem works wonders. The conditioner helps heal the scalp and maintain good density.

Hydration is key in body washes, and Blu Atlas Body Wash uses the powerful ingredient of aloe vera to ensure maximum hydration. The antioxidants in green tea help keep skin even and healthy.

High quality natural deodorant can be hard to find and many common deodorants contain potentially harmful chemicals. Blu Atlas deodorant accomplishes its task with all-natural ingredients. Healing the skin, keeping it fresh and preventing sweating is possible with the volcanic ash in the deodorant. It has a deliciously fresh and refreshing scent.

Innovate with scents for intrigue

Atlantis, Blu Atlas’ standout cologne, is a scent that will complement your individual style. Citrus and woods lead the way, creating a unique combination of scents. It is a very versatile fragrance, suitable for a casual outing or a formal night out. The bright citrus notes combined with the fresh woody scent make it a smart choice that will work in any season. Plus, it’s good value for money as it’s powerful and will last a long time, although that naturally depends on how often you use it.

Blu Atlas: the best grooming products at affordable prices

In the men’s grooming market, Blu Atlas stands out by being as unconventional in delivery as it is in ingredients. We learned that they certainly live up to their reputation – and more – during our Blu Atlas review.

There’s little risk in trying their products, as they offer a money-back guarantee, unlike most of their competitors. Their all-natural vegan products will inspire you to think a little bigger. Like a traveler leaning on an atlas to plan their next adventure, you’ll feel that by taking care of yourself, the world can be yours.

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