BJ Novak’s skincare routine is just Noxzema

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TwoMe alerted us to a lot of things, like who Frank Ocean can and can’t hang out with and where to eat if you want to meet a celebrity. Indiscriminate articles abound on the gossip page, ranging from the outrageous to the mundane to the truly illuminating – like this BJ Novak, 43, has “perfect” skin in real life. A user asked about her skincare routine, and being the sleuths that we are, we reached out to BJ to find out.

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BJ actually has really great skin. While not a skincare spokesperson, you can see BJ’s porcelain mug on many random skin-adjacent products, like Calvin Klein cologne, hair clippers, and face paint in Uruguay, thank you to a public domain image which has circulated around the world. Its glassy quality resembles the result of lasers and facials, but it turns out that BJ’s skin is attributable to a single drugstore product: Noxzema.

He was first introduced to the classic cleanser by his mother when he was 12 when he was battling acne. “I tried Oxy and Stridex and Clearasil and everything they advertised on TV at the time for me. None of it worked,” said Novak, whose poreless skin will soon be everywhere. in his new film, Revenge. His mother asked him to wash his face with Noxzema twice a day and according to BJ the acne has actually disappeared. It’s a habit he kept for 30 years. “I’m probably their most loyal customer,” he says. “I buy two jars a year; it doesn’t take much and the jars are large. The drugstore cleaner is also easy to find, which BJ says is a plus. “You can get it anywhere – I learned that with alcohol too, to try to have a favorite brand that you can get anywhere.”

The method, says BJ, is as important as the product. It starts with hot water to “open its pores”. Then he applies the Noxzema, which he “rubs in like soap”, then washes it off with hot water. Then he rinses his skin with cold water to “close his pores”. And then that’s all. He doesn’t even use moisturizer regularly – only if he remembers, which is rare. When it applies, it’s Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, which he got from a makeup artist while working on Office.

Noxzema has worked so well that his younger brother is also using it, and he says it has also transformed his skin. But more than anything, BJ is surprised to learn that people are fascinated by his skin: “It’s probably one of the silliest things I’ve come across, but I’ll accept it.”

Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream

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