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Clinique isn’t just known for its high-end, dermatologist-tested skincare products and makeup. The company also offers a range of fragrances with delicious notes to suit any mood, season or occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a light scent or a dramatic scent, Clinique fragrance has you covered. The first Aromatics Elixir is still a bestseller today for its fresh floral and earthy notes. But if you prefer fruity, woody or warm and spicy scents, Clinique has them too.

Whether you’re new to Clinique fragrance, already a fan but want to try something new, or need to stock up on your signature scent, understanding the brand’s fragrance basics will guide your choices.

Many beauty brands that make perfumes offer scents with varying notes, and Clinique is no exception. Although some of the original scents centered on citrus and floral notes, the company now offers options with earthy notes such as vetiver and sandalwood, and sweet scents with hints of sugar and vanilla.

There are no set rules for choosing the best perfumes, as it comes down to preference. However, generally speaking, florals are sweet, feminine and versatile, while citrus-based scents are mood scents that are ideal for summer. Earthy scents with notes such as clove and cinnamon pair well with fall, and warm musk and amber notes are perfect for winter.

Clinique has two main lines of fragrance and a fragrance that is a remake of one of the brand’s classics.

The Happy line started with the original of the same name and now consists of a variety of fragrances with different note combinations. The original fragrance of this line consists of floral and citrus notes; however, there are currently eight scents in the Happy range, ranging from sweet to musky to floral.

The original Aromatics Elixir inspired Aromatics in White, which is light and crisp with notes of rose, orange blossom and vanilla. Another option in this line is Aromatics in Black, which is alluring and unique with notes of myrrh, fruit, and flowers.

Calyx is the relaunched version of Prescriptives, a popular Clinique fragrance launched in 1986. The new version has notes of fruit, citrus and florals for a fresh, clean scent that lingers.

You’ve probably heard that perfume lasts the longest when applied to pulse points, such as your neck, wrists, and the creases of your elbows. These areas give off heat, which intensifies the fragrance notes. However, there are no fixed rules on where to apply perfume – you can just as easily apply your favorite Clinique perfume all over your body.

Just like their skin care products, Clinique fragrances are dermatologist tested. This aligns with the company’s goal of making products that are unlikely to irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions.

Clinique perfume comes in bottles ranging in size from 0.34 to 3.4 ounces. The sizes available depend on the type of fragrance you choose. For example, popular scents like Happy and Aromatics Elixir come in multiple sizes, while other Happy scents only come in one size. Keep in mind that sizes may vary when limited editions and special gift sets are offered.

The classic spray nozzle is the applicator found on most Clinique perfume bottles. This easy-to-use applicator is ideal for spraying your favorite perfume on pulse points. The other applicator offered on some Clinique fragrances is the rollerball which comes standard on the small travel-friendly bottles.

The Clinique perfume costs around $23 to $88. Roller bottles are at the bottom of the scale and large spray bottles are the most expensive. The limited edition gift sets that are sometimes available can cost around $100 or a little more.

A. The time of day you spray or apply Clinique fragrance is a matter of preference. However, many people like to apply perfume in the morning as part of their beauty routine. The fragrance can also be reapplied throughout the day as needed, or in the evening before going to bed.

A. One of the characteristics of Clinique perfumes is the combination of well-balanced notes. This creates lingering scents that most people don’t find strong and unpleasant.

A. Yes! Clinique offers a version of Happy that features a pleasant masculine scent with citrus notes.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir perfume: available at Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Amazon and Macy’s

Our opinion : This classic scent has been a bestseller for decades and is a good choice for anyone who likes notes that are both interesting and seductive.

What we like: With floral notes combined with sandalwood and patchouli, this perfume has an interesting scent that is suitable for all seasons. It is made up of more than 700 ingredients that give it a distinctive scent.

What we don’t like: This bold scent may not be suitable for consumers who prefer a lighter scent.

Clinique Happy perfume: available at Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Amazon and Macy’s

Our opinion : It is one of the brand’s most popular fragrances. It is ideal to wear all year round, but is particularly suitable for spring and summer.

What we like: Floral notes paired with citrus give this fragrance the fresh scent that has earned it the apt name. A few spritzes are enough.

What we don’t like: Those who dislike the smell of citrus may not find the scent appealing.

Clinique Calyx perfume: available at Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Amazon and Macy’s

Our opinion : If you are looking for a fragrance that is light, fresh and perfect for summer, this one is worth considering.

What we like: This fragrance is fruity with an explosion of citrus and some floral notes. It’s the updated version of the popular Prescriptives fragrance that was a fan favorite.

What we don’t like: Although it is considered a relaunch of the original fragrance, it is not an exact match.

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