Best Augustinus Bader Skincare Deal for Nordstrom’s 2022 Anniversary Sale

This Isn’t a Drill: Luxury Skin (and Hair) Care Brand Augustin Bader officially debuts in Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale this year. If you don’t know the brand, here’s a little preview. Founded by renowned German stem cell scientist Augustinus Bader, the eponymous brand has made a name for itself by creating and designing luxury skincare products that focus on repairing, healing and improving the overall health of your skin.

For those on a budget, we have bad news. But, for those with a little discretionary income to spare and craving ridiculously dewy, smooth skin, we have a deal you absolutely cannot pass up.

The brand’s most popular offerings include The Rich Cream and The Cream, which will normally set you back $280 for a full-size (1.7-ounce) bottle. However, during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, you can mark the Daily Essential Duo, which includes a full-size bottle (1.7 ounce) and a travel bottle (0.5 ounce) for $221, saving you $148 in the process. But don’t delay, after all, it’s one of the the hottest offers of the entire event.

Augustinus Bader The Daily Essential Duo La Crème Riche

Augustinus Bader The Daily Essential Duo La Crème

In fact, just this year The Rich Cream won a Readers’ Choice Award – so our readers also think it’s worth it. There’s so little chance of saving a few bucks on Augustinus Bader, proving that this sale is a huge OK. Don’t sleep on it – grab it from our editors too.

“One pump in the morning and another every night made my skin glow without the white cast that other heavy creams tend to leave on my olive complexion,” editorial assistant Talia Guitierrez reported in her review. “I don’t use it under foundation, but I use it religiously at night to soothe my dry, irritated skin.”

As for me, Sarah Han, Trade Editor, I also thank The Rich Cream for reviving my dull complexion overnight, thanks to a patented blend of amino acids called Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8) – a term whimsical to accelerate cell regeneration. Come morning, I wake up with the freshest complexion, apply sunscreen and start my day with fresh eyes.

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