Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume review and history

After that moment, Baccarat Rouge followed me everywhere: in the metro, in restaurants, in hotel receptions, at work meetings and work events. I even heard Kylie Minogue (at the launch of her own perfume, no less) ask another beauty reporter if she was wearing it. He also appeared online, in a Facebook group called Ms. Gloss & The Goss, a collection of 154,000 people of “real” women obsessed with beauty (and bargains), and my For You page on TikTok even fell victim (the hashtag # baccaratrouge540 has 55.4 million views and counts). TikToker Tayla Tide ‘The perfume video has racked up 2.4 million views to date. “People stopped me on the street and said, ‘What are you wearing? “I’ve had friends who asked me what perfume I was wearing so they could buy it for their girlfriends,” she said. “I work in women’s fashion and how many times women left their locker room and were like, ‘I can feel you in there, what are you wearing?’ [In] the bars, people will come and say, “What is this?” Every day I get compliments on this scent. Here’s how Tayla would describe the scent: “Imagine you’re in a penthouse in New York City. You’ve just stepped out of a black tie prom, wearing a backless dress and the love of your life is starting to kiss your neck. It smells like sex. It’s so incredibly sexy to me. I’d rather ruin myself than not feel like this. “

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