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Augustinus Bader is a case study in how to build a supersonic skincare business.

Charles Rosier made a career in finance when a mutual friend who knew of his interest in biotechnology and medicine introduced him to Dr. Augustinus Bader. The friend called Bader “the best stem cell researcher in the world today.”

In his own words, Bader described his stem cell technology in a video shown at the Summit. “It’s a different approach to medicine,” he said. “If there is a mechanism for self-regeneration only in terms of neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases and any skin disorder, we can now target the area and induce and deploy the self-regeneration process with the [aim] to create healing where it was not possible before. We are facing a paradigm shift.

Rosier had heard of Bader’s research into wound healing and wanted to help fund it. Although starting a beauty business didn’t occur to him, he had an epiphany and envisioned potential applications for Bader’s work that extended it beyond the medical field.

“Augustinus’ discovery is really a mechanism of communication [to awaken stem cells]“, explained Rosier. “I was just mesmerized by this technology.”

Augustinus Bader – the brand launched in March 2018 – is now one of the fastest growing beauty brands. In 2020, its annual sales tripled to $70 million, and The Cream and Rich Cream were voted the best skincare product in a poll of more than 300 beauty industry insiders conducted by Beauty. Inc in 2021.

Rosier described some pillars of growth for Augustinus Bader. The first is to have products that deliver. “It was the foundation of our brand,” he said.

Then there was also the support of celebrities and journalists who praised its effectiveness.

When Augustinus Bader launched on Violet Grey, the platform’s total revenue was $5 million. “It’s a symbiotic relationship, because we broke anyone’s record there the first year we launched, and then we tripled in size – and probably doubled the size of Violet Gray’s business as a whole” , Rosier said.

“What is the future for us?” he thought. It will surely be based on technology.

“We’re very excited about the haircare category,” Rosier said, referring to a segment the brand entered with a huge launch last year – with a sell-out effect.

He explained that Augustinus Bader doesn’t focus on hair care because it’s a booming category right now. “We want to be a problem solver,” Rosier said. “So we have to be driven by creating solutions.”

Consumers inform brand management. He asked them what they wanted in a body cream, and the answer was solutions to stretch marks and cellulite. These have therefore become focal points.

The future will be strong with scientific studies of the biological age and longevity of individuals, Rosier said. And the resulting discoveries could be applied to cosmetics.

“The focus is really on the convergence of beauty, health and longevity,” he said.


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