Aeronot – A new perfume house in town

A new perfume house is already making headlines. Introducing Aeronot, a brand name fragrance house kept apart from the founder’s shared love for aviation. The Gurgaon-based company has a collection of four niche fragrances with a very bold and dynamic story/theme attached to each fragrance to help customers visualize the experience of wearing the fragrances. Aeronot plans to bring high quality fragrances, inspired by French perfumery and its Parisian couture fashion culture to the Indian market. “While they are packaged in luxurious boxes, glamorous model photos and a bold brand aesthetic, we also make sure to use sustainable product and shipping packaging, be clean and aware of the ingredients we we use and maintain a gender-neutral belief in the world of perfumery.” says Akshay & Abhishek Raina, the two brothers and founders of Aeronot.

I launched the brand towards the end of my university years as a pilot project at the end of 2018 with a batch of only 200 bottles in four flavors and to my surprise, I was sold out in just under three days during the pop-up events I hosted at Taj Ambassador Hotel Delhi, Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon, Palms Town & Country Club, Gurgaon and Double Tree by Hilton, Gurgaon. Back when Abhishek was studying in Sweden for his master’s degree and we officially launched the brand in January 2019. A few years later and a hard-fought pandemic later, the brand has managed to hold its own on major platforms like Amazon, Flipkart , MensXP & Smytten. It was only in October 2021 that we redesigned everything and launched the new collection and kept only two sales channels, the official Aeronot website and on Amazon India. We dropped four exquisite flavors and introduced a discovery set to help customers sample our four flavors which quickly became a hit and sold out in less than two months.

Each Aeronot fragrance is built around a story, theme, memory or captured emotion and therefore one of our slogans, “Created with Emotions and Memories”. We realized that to break the irony of selling fragrances online, we needed to up our game in imagery and videography represented by exquisite visual art to help customers smell fragrances through their eyes. You can check our official online store at and our instagram at

Even our photoshoot with models focused on the respective fragrance themes. Instead of describing how they smell, we prefer to let our customers know how they would feel when wearing Aeronot, as we believe fragrances have a very powerful effect on mood and emotions.

Aeronot uses high quality ingredients when sourcing raw materials for its fragrances and tries to be as transparent as possible when describing what it puts into its products. We use both botanical ingredients and carefully selected synthetic ingredients that are also safe for the skin and the environment. Our ingredients are sourced from leading Indian perfumers, Dubey Perfumers, who source their raw materials directly from Grasse, France, the birthplace of French perfumery, to their factories in Hyderabad, and then directly from our manufacturers here in Gurgaon. I remember it was such a challenge to find someone to produce just 200 bottles which is a fraction of what most manufacturers take as moq (minimum order quantity) and that’s when- where they (Dubey Perfumers) bet on us and came up with this idea. of ours and we therefore owe them a lot for having confidence in us.

Following the success of our carefully curated Discovery set which houses all of our fragrances, we are currently working on similar fragrance palettes presented in travel-friendly boxes and are also venturing into other beauty accessories. As a beauty brand, it’s necessary to always invent new products and enter new segments to help maintain that element of surprise and admiration for your customers. The next step would be to expand into retail and have stores in malls carrying our bold and luxurious aesthetic with us.

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