A line of hair care by Yann Beyrie, the only French salon in Singapore

Tucked away in Wisma Atria is chic Yann Beyrie Salon, a French salon that has just launched its first in-house haircare line.

Have you ever walked into a living room and found your senses immediately assaulted by the bright lights, loud music, or garish design? Rest assured, because you won’t find any of this at Yann Beyrie.

The minimally designed space features a clean, refreshing design with exposed beams, concrete flooring, and sleek black furniture. As I enter the salon, I am greeted by an international team of friendly faces, and Yann himself.

For the uninitiated, Yann Beyrie has tremendous experience working at renowned salons like Vidal Sasoon and Trevor Sorbie in the fashion capitals of the world. Prior to his move to Singapore, he juggled a high profile client list of designers and celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood. What drew him to Singapore was its diversity of cultures, different hair textures, concerns and skin tones to work with.

Now in his fifth year, Yann is releasing his first in-house hair care line: Le Plumeria. For the day, I experience it firsthand at the masterful hands of its talented team. Here is an overview of the collection.

The Plumeria

Meaning fragipani in Latin, Plumeria highlights the bewitching scent of the flower. The fragrance created in Grasse is key to the collection, as it complements the luxurious formulations. Three products make up the range: shampoo, conditioner and serum. Each of them contains all-natural ingredients and has been manufactured in France.

The Shampoo

Now more focused on scalp health, this shampoo takes care of the skin on your head with its multitude of benefits. It strengthens, repairs and rejuvenates while protecting hair from damage. In order for the formulation to be as nourishing as possible, the ingredients are maintained at rich concentrations. To avoid clogging your scalp, only use a coin-sized amount of shampoo at a time.

The conditioner

Our favorite from the collection is the conditioner. It is a real pleasure to use, because the formulation has a creamy and thick consistency. Made with natural proteins, it enhances hair shine while deeply penetrating hair to repair cuticles damaged by heat and chemical treatments. While the conditioner won’t weigh hair down, be sure to apply it only to the ends and rinse out after five minutes.

The Serum

To keep your hair healthy and hydrated all day, home maintenance is also important. The serum doesn’t just condition and hydrate; it also serves as a thermal protector.

Final Thoughts

If you register for a Yann Beyrie service, you can take advantage of the Plumeria line. The hair washes accompanying the shampoo and conditioner here are paired with firm head and shoulder massages. To pamper you up a notch, a cashmere blanket will also be thoughtfully draped over you while your hair is taken care of.

Product-wise, the shampoo does an excellent job of removing product buildup and leaving hair squeaky clean with a deliciously sweet floral scent. Stick to strict conditioner instructions and you’ll also find your locks more bouncy, softer, and smoother. I apply the serum when my hair is still damp before blow-drying, and it keeps my hair soft and in place all day after heat styling.

Plumeria by Yann Beyrie is available at Salon Yann Beyrie435 Orchard Road, #03-01D, Singapore 238877

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