8 hair care gifts every beauty enthusiast will love


This year, get ready to be the hero of all your girls who love a good beauty frenzy. Because who doesn’t want the gift of beautiful hair (am I right)? Stocking up on products and sets that encourage traffic-stop locks – for your mom, sister, best friend and, let’s face it, you – not only takes the anxiety out of last-minute shopping. , but essentially guarantees them a freebie that they are actually going to like and use legitimately. From dry shampoo and styling tools to a few accessories, these are the holy grail hair gifts to kill the season.


Batiste dry shampoo Holidazzle

Dry shampoo is basically the gift that keeps on giving. This little boxed prodigy refreshes between washes by absorbing oil and grease (so unwashed hair can go the distance), while adding volume and texture. Plus, it prolongs rashes, saving your bff valuable time during the day. All their vacation (and everyday) thugs, served, without all the work.


Detangling Wet Brush Pro Paddle

Anyone with tangled hair knows that it is painful to walk through it, it is even worse when the hair is wet. That’s why family and friends (and their hair) will thank you very much for finding a wet brush inside their stockings. The paddle design and flexible bristles cover more area and the smooth knots are silly with major muscle.


Bubble wand L’ange Le Perlé

Much like the curling wand version of bubble tea, this pearl-shaped rose gold barrel offers softness and major curls. And for those who struggle with wandering a wand (hello, most of us!), The design is basically foolproof. Like, it coaxes your hair into forming curls just by being there.


Drunk elephant in the hair and now

Essentially skin care for your scalp, this set respects strands with a three-step reg. First there is Happi Scalp Scrub, which gently removes dead skin cells; then, the Cocomino Glossing Shampoo, which cleanses and moisturizes; and finally, Cocomino conditioner completes it all with a mega dose of vegetable oils and butters. Trust, she will have the happiest, shiniest hair yet.


Kitsch satin pillowcase

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase makes everyone feel like a queen. Period. But all of these dreamy sensations have real-world benefits as well: they keep your hair frizz-free and reduce breakage overnight, so you’ll always wake up with a silky headboard.


Hairpins Edit Glam

This is the season to shine until the end. So a little bit of bling bling is totally on the brand. Put some sparkle in her hair set with cute crystal pins that will make her the most styled in the country.


Essentials for healthy hair Olaplex

There is no doubt that the box which promises her bright and shiny wicks will be the hit of her vacation. All the hair help is there to save dry and damaged strands like a superhero. This best-selling regiment brings hair back to life by healing broken bonds and infusing major shine to save the day.


Nightlife Briefs Christmas Ball

Ornaments are always expected, but this one accessorizes a tree and a hairstyle – and, really, a wrist, for that matter. Inside, she’ll find four adorable silk scrunchies designed to remove dreaded creases. It’s a trinket that anyone can get.

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