8 Awesome Tricks That Help Your Perfume Smell Fresher And Last Much Longer Than You Expected | News

The scents are awesome! They smell amazing and can last much longer than even the best deodorant.

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You wonder how? Well, there is a certain way and order that must be kept in mind when using perfumes. Of course, storage plays an important role, but more than that, how you apply it and whether you’ve prepped your skin before applying it plays a much bigger role.

Tips to keep your perfume smelling fresh longer
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Read on to find out how to keep your scents fresher for longer:

1. Choose the right scent

Choose the right perfume
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First of all, you need to choose the right formulation. Fragrances fall into four basic categories based on their concentration.

Eau Fraiche is essentially a mist with a very low concentration of fragrance. The scent usually lasts about two hours.

Then we have the Eau de Cologne, which has a fragrance concentration of around four percent. They last about 4 hours before they start to fade.

Then there is Eau de Toilette, with a perfume concentration of between 5 and 15%. They last about 7-8 hours before they start to fade.

Finally, we have Eau de Parfum, with the highest concentration of perfume, between 20 and 25%. They can easily last over 12 hours before they start to fade.

Note that the higher the concentration of the perfume, the higher the price will be. Also, eau de parfum has a stronger, heavier scent. You will need to determine your usage before finalizing a concentration.

2. Properly prepare your skin

Properly prepare your skin
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Instead of spraying your perfume on dry skin, moisturize first. If you use perfume right after taking a shower and hydrated, it is guaranteed to last longer.

Also, instead of spraying perfume on your clothes, you should always use it on your skin.

3. Vaseline is your friend

Vaseline is your friend
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Another nifty little trick to make your perfumes last longer is to first rub petroleum jelly or petroleum jelly on the spots where you normally spray your perfume.

Ideally, this should be the area just behind your ears and wrists. Vaseline is known to moisturize your skin and help the oils in your perfume to be better absorbed

4. Don’t rub your perfume

Don't rub your perfume
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A mistake most people make with perfumes is that they rub their wrists thinking that it will help the perfume to start emitting its scent sooner and from a wider area.

Rubbing the skin once you’ve applied the perfume destroys the top layer of the perfume, oxidizing it faster than it should. This means that the scent will start to fade faster.

5. Don’t shake the bottle

Don't shake the bottle
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Another mistake most people make is shaking the perfume bottle before using it as if it were some kind of deodorant.

Because perfume bottles tend to last longer than most deodorants, the oil in the perfume begins to break down when shaken.

Over time, this reduces the potency, as well as the staying power of the fragrance.

6. Layer your scent with similar scents

Layer your perfume with similar scents
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Most perfumers will launch a variety of products based on the same scent. Soaps, scented moisturizers and sometimes even talcum powder.

It’s actually a good idea to use these combos because not only are they economical, but they also help to layer the scent better.

This way the scent has a better chance of staying longer because it doesn’t clash with any other scents.

7. Reapply if necessary

Reapply if necessary
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Now, if you have the ability to keep multiple bottles of the same perfume or can carry perfume in your bag, you should definitely do this, especially if your perfume has a lighter smell.

As the day goes on, just reapply a little perfume to refresh it. This is especially useful when you have to go to a meeting with an important client or when you go on a date after work.

8. Fabric piracy

Fabric piracy
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Finally, there is fabric piracy. Spray a tissue paper with your perfume, or simply dab tissue paper on the areas where you regularly spray your perfumes.

Keep this piece of fabric in your closet, in the area where you store your shirts. In fact, you can keep two to three of these coins. Your clothes will pick up the scent.

When you actually use the perfume next time, the perfume of your clothes acts as a secondary layer of the perfume.

TL;DR – Use your fragrances wisely to get the most out of them

The perfumes themselves have a much better hold and scent than the deos. There are plenty of ways to get the most out of it and make an ordinary perfume bottle last much longer.

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