6 Best Hair Care Shower Filters of 2022

Your shower water could be the reason for your bad hair day. hard water — water rich in calcium and magnesium — is common across the United States. Although it is not a health concern, it can negatively affect your hair and skin if you do not use a shower filter.

“City water is generally recycled and treated to make it safe for use and consumption,” explains Amanda Buechnertrichologist and Function Member of the Hair Council. “Chlorine, sodium chloride, magnesium carbonate, bicarbonates, sulphates, calcium, iron and aluminum can be added to the treatment process to remove particulates. [and] kill bacteria, parasites and viruses. This makes the water safe to drink, but often not ideal for hair structure and scalp.

“Chlorine and heavy metals in particular strip the natural oils from our hair and skin and are the root of many problems that we spend so much time, money and effort solving – brittle hair , split ends, frizz, hair color change, eczema, acne, breakouts, even hair loss,” share Arjan Singh and Ryan Babenzien, founders of Pretty.

Buechner also notes that “without a shower filter, the chemicals used in water treatment plants can wreak havoc on hair,” especially with permanent treatments like hair dye or keratin treatments. “These elements can also interact with hair serums and styling products, causing a chemical reaction in the hair,” she explains. “Some of these elements will create a crystallizing effect on the hair when mixed with certain hair product ingredients. This can leave hair dry and brittle, causing breakage. Hair can become unmanageable with frizz and tangles The scalp is also likely to become dry and scaly.

Likewise, hard water can dry out the skin and make it harder to find an effective skincare routine. “A published study tested people with normal skin on the effects of hard water and found that there was a greater residue of an irritating substance, SLS (often referred to simply as sulfates), in people who bathed in ‘hard water compared to soft water’, says Dr. Loretta Ciraldoa board-certified Miami-based dermatologist and founder of Dr. Loretta Skin Care. “In addition, the amount of water lost from the skin and subsequent dryness was greater when the skin was washed with hard water,” she adds. “For people who have underlying sensitive skin and a form of eczema called atopic dermatitis, they will see a worsening of their rash and an increase in itchy skin when washing with hard water.”

People who have hard water at home may notice a buildup of soap scum in their shower or their glassware showing water spots or a cloudy film after washing dishes. This is because the calcium in hard water reacts with the soap and creates a residue.

To know the exact level of water hardness, Ciraldo recommends obtaining a hard water test kit.

For a quick test, “you can also put liquid soap in a bottle that you’ve filled with your own tap water,” says the dermatologist. “If you shake the bottle and it doesn’t foam, that’s a sign you have hard water.”

Since the shower is where we are most exposed to tap water, installing a shower filter is worth the investment to protect your hair and skin from chlorine, metals and minerals. which can hide in the water.

“[A shower filter] helps increase the effectiveness of all topical hair care and skin care products that we combine with water (like your favorite shampoo or serum),” say Singh and Babenzien.

Long-term benefits include “better hydrated, less red or sensitive” skin, according to Ciraldo, while Buechner notes positive hair effects like “less tangles, better manageability, more shine and moisture balance. in the hair, better color absorption and longer lasting color.

Experts we spoke to said there are only benefits to trying a shower filter – the only risk is not using one. Ahead, find the best shower filter to enhance your hair and skin care.

Buechner recommends Aquasana’s premium shower filter. While the brand has several models available, including standard showerhead and handheld showerhead options, this version is the highest rated on Amazon. “Aquasana is an excellent shower filter for better looking hair and skin and is Rated A+ with a one-year warranty,” says Buechner. It uses multi-stage filtration with KDF-55 and coconut shell carbon to remove chlorine and other contaminants. KDF-55 (which means Fluxion Kinetic Degradation) uses a copper-zinc alloy to convert chlorine, heavy metals and harmful bacteria into neutral elements that do not affect skin or hair. You’ll need some plumber’s tape to install, and the filter chamber isn’t the most visually pleasing, but it’s one of the most effective filters out there.

$165 to Amazon and Pretty

Nice filtered showerhead

The Jolie showerhead is an attractive option that comes in multiple colorways and comes with everything you need to install, including a wrench and plumber’s tape, plus a bonus scented ceramic tile that you can keep in your bathroom. ” We have made [the shower head] to remove the greatest amount of chlorine and heavy metals for the longest period of time. We achieve this through the use of ‘water filtration Ferrari’ – KDF-55 and calcium sulfite,” Singh and Babenzien share. KDF-55 and calcium sulfite are more effective at filtering water than carbon, ensuring a chlorine-free shower.

Best Built-in Handheld Shower Filter

Sprite Biarritz 7-Setting Filtered Handheld Shower Head

Sprite Biarritz 7-Setting Handheld Filtered Shower Head

Sprite’s KDF-based shower filters use Chlorgon, a patented redox filtration media, to purify water. His universal model online is comparable to the AquaBliss (below), but for those looking for a built-in filter, the portable model is a great option. It looks sleek, feels heavy, and has seven spray patterns. One consideration to note is that Sprite’s handheld showerhead filter should be replaced after three months, while the inline filter has a six month lifespan.

AquaBliss High Performance Revitalizing Shower Filter

This fan-favorite shower filter features 12 stages of filtration – including redox media to chemically convert contaminants – to remove chlorine and sediment from water. The in-line design is compatible with handheld, stationary, and rain showerheads, and no tools are required for installation. With over 27,000 5-star ratings, one reviewer writes, “I could tell the difference in my hair and skin right away!

Voesh Shower and Empower Vitamin C shower filter

$29 to Amazon and Voish

Voesh Shower and Empower Vitamin C Shower Filter

An affordable spa-like option, Voesh’s Shower Filter infuses water with the beauty benefits of vegan probiotics that help support the skin’s microbiome and oatmeal powder to soothe skin, while vitamin C removes chlorine and other impurities. It also offers aromatherapy with plant oils and comes in five relaxing scents. Bolt-on installation requires no tools, so it’s super easy to turn your shower into a spa treatment.

Hello Klean Shower Filter

Not all wells have hard water, but it is more likely to have hard water in wells because the water supply comes from underground where the minerals are present in the soil resulting in higher mineral content in the water. A multi-stage filtration system is recommended, such as this in-line filter which uses KDF 55, calcium sulfite, activated carbon and ceramic balls to purify the water and filter out chlorine, iron, copper, lead, cadmium and nickel. The Hello Klean filter is sleek and durable, with an aluminum housing and recyclable refill components. The cylindrical filter works with most shower lines, but for faucets close to the wall, the brand also offers a shower adapter.

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