5 ways to detoxify your haircare routine this season

Just like our skin and our body, our hair also needs a detox. Our hair contains a lot of toxins and product residue and it is essential for us to detoxify our routine throughout the seasons. Keeping only the essential and necessary products is exactly what we need. Too many products may seem fancy, but they can ruin the routine. Whether it’s opting for the scalp scrub or taking a break from endless hair treatments, here’s your guide to the best ways to detoxify your haircare routine this season.

The best hair care products to include in your routine

1. Choose the right products

Too many products in a routine can ruin it. Go for basic essentials and versatile products. Besides using the basic shampoo and mask, invest in products that can serve multiple purposes and give you a shiny, shiny mane. Building a hair care routine is not rocket science, all it needs are the right products.

2. Scalp exfoliation

We may not know it, but scalp exfoliation is the best way to detoxify your hair. Scalp exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, excess skin cells, oil, dandruff, dirt, etc. of the scalp so that fresh skin and healthier hair grow. It gives you a clear scalp and soft, smooth hair.

3. Choose your ingredients wisely

Just like your skin, your hair also needs the right ingredients to stay healthy. With all the chemicals and products we use, it’s best to go with natural ingredients like aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and more, depending on what works for your hair type and treats your hair issues. . This will help give your hair a new look and strengthen it.

4. Hair hydration is a must

A hydrated scalp means a healthy scalp. As much as we love that long, shiny mane, we also have to acknowledge the kind of conscious care that goes into maintaining that hair. There are huge ways to ensure hydrated scalps. Whether it’s oiling or applying a hair mask, these give your hair much-needed hydration and moisture, making it soft and silky.

5. Cut your hair

To allow good and healthy growth of your hair, your hair must be cut. It will remove dead hair ends and allow access for new growth. Before you start your detox, be sure to cut your hair. Get rid of those split ends.

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