5 tips and tricks for dry hair

We’ve heard quite often that just like our skin, our hair also gets dry. While dry skin is irritable, dry hair is unmanageable and unattractive too. It is believed that the hair will be shiny, lively and manageable if it is moisturized regularly. But do we hydrate our hair enough, as much as we hydrate our skin? As the hair dries out, it begins to lack strength and eventually causes split ends or breakage. Dry hair is also one of the causes of hair loss. Although you may have read many articles about what ingredients are best for dry hair or home remedies for frizzy hair, let’s see what are some easy lifestyle changes and habits that can prevent your hair from shedding. their natural hydration and give you a healthy and shiny appearance. mane you’ve always wanted.

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5 tips to hydrate dry hair

1. Avoid hot hair baths

Even if you like these hot baths, they cause as much damage to your hair as to your skin. Skin and scalp dry out instantly as they lose essential natural oils, causing flaking and irritation. Hair becomes more susceptible to breakage. It is advisable to take cold water baths to reduce hair damage, but lukewarm water baths can work just as well.

2. Invest in proper hair care products

Sulphates and parabens generally damage your hair. They further damage dry, frizzy hair by stripping hair strands and dehydrating them. So, while making new investments in your hair care products, study your hair type, read the product ingredients, and then shop wisely.

3. Avoid using styling tools or products

Styling tools and products often cause hair strands to dry out. Every heat tool, to one degree or another, damages the hair. So, if you have dry, frizzy hair, avoid chemical treatments or styling procedures at least until you manage to tame the frizz. Additionally, using heat-protective serums and conditioners on dull, dry hair can help regain lost moisture.

4. Don’t Skip Conditioners

Dry and frizzy hair needs deep care. Shampooing the hair often dries out the hair strands while cleansing the scalp. It is essential to use hydrating conditioners to recover lost moisture. Apply plenty of conditioner to the lengths of the hair and let it sit for a while before rinsing it out with cold water. You can apply hair masks for better hydration. Opting for a hair spa can also help you tame frizz.

5. Opt for regular haircuts

Did you know that split ends and dull, damaged ends can make your locks look frizzier? So go for these regular haircuts because a fresh cut will help you get rid of dull, lifeless ends and frizz. It will keep your hair smooth and healthy.

In addition to this, regularly oiling your hair with warm hair oils, less frequent hair washes, proper care during humid days are some of the easy ways to maintain dull and frizzy hair. We hope you find our list useful. Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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