5 gift options for teenage girls besides perfume

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09 Dec. 2021, 18:41

Buying a gift for teenage girls is not easy

Teenage girls love everything that is beautiful, some even love what is not so pretty.

Gone are the days when girls loved anything pink. The trend these days is to offer gender neutral items.

Choosing a gift can get confusing no matter who it is for. But it can be especially difficult to buy one for young girls if you don’t know their likes and dislikes.

Books are forever!

When you don’t know how to choose a gift, choose a book. Even if the person concerned is not a reader, a book is an excellent choice.

This is the age when preferences still develop, and it is possible to instill the habit of reading.

Choose a biography or a set of non-fiction books.

You never know, you might just give a lifetime reading gift.

Instant Polaroid Camera

Instant Polaroid cameras have been all the rage for some time now.

This is a small camera that instantly delivers ID card size prints and is a favorite amount among young people. You can spot them on picnics and vacations.

Buy a pack of films with the camera so that she can click immediately. When captured on paper, memories last forever.

Pedicure and manicure kit

Pedicure and manicure kit
Source: Pixabay

A pedicure and manicure kit is ideal for girls who like to be pampered.

This is the time when they are just starting to take care of their skin, body and hair. Grooming is not a bad thing and therefore this kit can turn out to be a wonderful gift.

Also add a product pack so they don’t have to wait for them.

A colorful journaling kit

A colorful journaling kit

Stationery is never boring.

Girls love to keep journals to jot down their thoughts and feelings and a journal set makes a perfect gift for these girls.

It comes with glitter pens, stickers, and everything teenage girls love.

If the recipient likes to draw, you can also gift them with colored pens and drawing notebooks with a journal set.

A set of scrunchies and pretty headbands

A set of scrunchies and pretty headbands

Scrunchies were the biggest style trend of 2021, but weren’t that cool in the ’90s.

Trust us, girls can never have enough scrunchies. So buy some in velvet, satin, lace, mix the colors, go wild.

You can also pair this set of scrunchies with cute headbands.

Add beauty headbands, the ones used to keep the hair back while using face masks.

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