5 amazing hair care tips for long hair

A good hair day can instantly improve our mood in no time. Who would ever say no to a shiny, glossy mane? Gorgeous hair is what we all want and for beauty fanatics, the only concern is the process and conscious care that goes into getting that long, pretty mane. In the midst of our hectic schedules, we often overlook the fact that to get longer hair, we surely need to pay extra attention to our hair and these tips are the perfect way to serve that purpose well. Try these hair care tips for long, shiny hair.

Hair care tips for longer hair

Get that shiny mane with these hair care tips.

1. Opt for sulfate-free products

Good hair means a good day! Sulfate-free shampoos are a great way to maintain that shiny hair. Not only do they maintain natural moisture, but they also hydrate the hair. This season can already make our hair dry and rough and sulfate-free shampoos are a great way to keep your hair under control.

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2. Hydrate your hair

Hydration is key to a healthy beauty routine, and just like skin, our hair also needs hydration. Cold waves always rule the temperature, so it’s best to go for a hot oil massage with a hair oil that’s suitable for your hair type. For longer hair, opt for hair oils induced with the benefits of ingredients like amla, onion and more.

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3. Hide it

Hair masks are more of a priority lately as they are the best way to condition your hair and keep it soft and smooth. They not only make your hair silky and smooth, but also strengthen it, promoting growth.

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4. Avoid using too many heating tools

Using too much heat can weaken the length of your hair and damage it. For example, using a hair dryer to quickly dry the hair makes it dry and strips the hair’s natural moisture and oils, leaving it dry and rough. Constant use of these tools can weaken your hair and make it super sensitive.

5. Fit is essential

Trimming is another necessary step that must be practiced to promote better hair growth. It eliminates dead and broken hair and gives access to better growth, giving your hair longer and stronger.

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