4 essential hair care tips to nourish yourself during the festival of colors

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Holi 2022 marks the end of harsh winters and the beginning of summers. The festival of colors is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the nation. As the festival approaches, we can already see the energy and excitement in the air. With so many activities all around, it is important for everyone to protect their skin and hair from all harmful chemicals and colors while playing Holi.

Nowadays, people are trying to use organic colors which are less harmful to the hair and scalp, but some chemicals can still be extremely harsh on exposed areas of our bodies. As we can’t ignore the Holi 2022 color scheme, we at Jagran English have brought you some tips that can keep your hair protected and safe.

Oil your hair and scalp

The oil helps! Applying a good amount of hair oil from the roots to the tips of the hair is a simple mantra if you want to enjoy Holi without damaging your hair. Oiling will prevent any harsh chemicals from sticking to your hair strands and scalp. It provides an extra layer of protection so your scalp stays unexposed. Try using hair oils like coconut, jojoba, and castor for added protection.

cover your hair

While playing Holi, covering your hair or tying it up is a great way to prevent hair damage. Cover it with a scarf or a hat and make sure your scalp is well covered. However, there are certain times when covering your head may not be possible. This is when you can choose to braid your hair so that it is at least partially protected. It is a good way to prevent hair breakage that many women experience after Holi.

Condition it deep

Sometimes your hair just needs proper care and care. A deep conditioning session is a great option for your hair after Holi celebrations. Since your hair will come into contact with many colors, a strengthening and protective mask can strengthen your hair from the roots and ensure that it does not break if accidentally pulled. Try to sit for at least 30 minutes for the conditioner to really work.

Wash right away

Washing your hair right after playing Holi is always rule number 1. Above all, try to rinse your hair only with cold water and use a good shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. All the chemical-filled colors may have bonded deep to yours. But take your time and cleanse your hair and scalp well. You can also choose to prep your hair with a conditioner that will ensure the colors wash out easily. Going herbal while washing and treating your hair after the color splash can be a wise move.

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