13 fabulous ways to save money on perfume

Perfumes are not cheap! But you also have to feel good. On the other hand, savvy consumers know your favorite scents don’t have to break the bank. There are a few great strategies for saving money on fragrances.

People all over the world are passionate about the idea of ​​saving money on perfumes, but it’s getting harder and harder these days. With the cost of designer perfumes rising, this article will provide some tips and tricks for buying fashion perfumes on a budget.

Fragrance lovers will save money on their favorite designer perfumes if they know these 13 beautiful tips.

Discount Codes

Thousands of coupons are available online, with discounts ranging from 10% to 20% on goods or purchases. Customers can even receive coupon codes via email from multiple online retailers. These codes are usually obtained by matching the business name with the word “coupon” on search engines like Google, and the savings are just a few clicks away.

ask without box

It is not common for some product boxes to be lost in transit when perfume merchants receive their shipments. Nevertheless, this does not influence the merchandise itself.

The companies would then sell the identical fragrances at a greatly reduced price without the packaging. Many people are unaware of what they are paying for the sleek box a product arrives in when it is discarded regardless.

Buy on a discount site

Discount sites are an essential part of the money-saving puzzle. They were created with the express purpose of spreading the lowest costs to their customers. Thousands of affordable designer fragrances are available for a fraction of the price at discount perfume stores – a good example is CopycatFragrances. Customers can also save hundreds of dollars every year by shopping on these sites.

Buy a bigger bottle

Larger bottles are often associated with better value for money. If a 3.4 oz bottle, for example, costs $54.99, while a 1.7 oz bottle costs $43.99, you know what to buy. If the buyer buys the most giant 3.4 oz bottle, they will receive twice as much product for only $11.00.

Apply in the right places

Some of the ideal places to apply perfumes are the wrists, the neckline, the area just above the hip bones, behind the knees, the back of the neck, the lower back and the inside of the elbows. Because these are the hottest regions of the body. Pressure points are the most amazing places to apply perfume because heat naturally amplifies the aroma.

Store properly

Experts say perfumes stay the longest when stored in cool, dry places out of direct sunlight because they’re safe and make it easy to remember to give yourself a spritz during the preparation ; putting perfumes inside a dressing room shelf or drawer is fine.

A perfume bottle has an average lifespan of five to eight years, and following this simple storage principle will help you get the most out of each one.

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Use with their associated products

Several designers create lotions, soaps and powders to complement their fragrances. Item sets, which include an eau de toilette, lotion, and body powder, are a good choice. Purchasing gift sets that include a variety of products allows the buyer to get the aroma they want without using as much actual fragrance.

Together they will enhance the fragrance and bring new life to your perfume hold.

Apply at the right time

When it comes to having a scent that lasts all day, timing is everything. The best time to apply perfume is shortly after a shower or bath. Your skin pores will be open after washing and absorb the aroma. A scent will stay on longer and require less reapplication if applied at the right time, saving money in the long run.

Free delivery

Many websites offer free shipping to customers who purchase a certain number of items or spend a certain amount of money. Users can usually take advantage of this by ordering everything they need for the whole year in one order, avoiding shipping costs.

Be patient

It’s always tempting to buy the newest perfume, but it’s not the best way to go actually! Whenever perfumes are launched for the first time, they are the most expensive, and after a few months they gradually deflate to regain their real value. Waiting a month or two for the buzz of a new product to drop can save you a lot of money. The extra time will translate into extra income.

Ask for testers

For marketing reasons, perfume manufacturers frequently create testers that are just as authentic as familiar scents, except that they don’t come with a cap or packaging. The word “tester” may appear on the bottle in certain situations, but it is never used or opened by anyone other than the customer.

Testers can save you up to 20% on capped items and are available from various online perfume merchants. Whether you are looking for a perfume, see if it is available in a tester.

To negotiate

Try calling in your order and haggling for a better price. Small online sellers will be eager to strike discounts if you buy in bulk to get a tailored discount on your purchase.

Try generics

Do you have experience with generic perfumes that claim to smell exactly like expensive perfumes? There are some duds out there, but we also picked up a handful that smelled just as good or even nicer than their more well-known rivals!

Do not hesitate to test the “fakes” if you need to save on perfume. You may be pleasantly surprised!


Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, you can’t go wrong with these choices. Do you have any other suggestions that we may have missed to save money?

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