12 Best Asian-Owned Hair Care Brands 2022 for Shinier, Smoother, Healthier Hair | Fable & Mane, Squigs, Emi Jay

The month of May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a reminder to appreciate, celebrate and support the diversity of history and culture that these communities bring to the table – and even on the shelves of our favorite stores.

So many trends — in beauty and beyond — can be traced back to their roots in China, Japan, Korea, India, and all manner of diasporas. Viral topics like glass skin, aryuvedic skin care, hair oil, as well as meditation are all from the Asian community, which has a continuous impact on our daily lives and practices. Not to mention that many beloved ingredients like snow mushrooms, rice, ginseng and silk have been deeply embedded in Asian cultures for centuries and centuries.

When it comes to hair, an increasing number of Asian brands are gaining popularity for their creative products. Take, Parts, for example. You may have seen the quirky Seattle, Washington-based line of colorful hair accessories founded by a Korean American, Tiffany Ju, while scrolling through your Instagram feed. The brand started in Yu’s basement in 2019 with a clear goal: to manufacture transparency and dispel negative stereotypes around “made in China” (more on this brand in a second).

We have come a long way in recognizing the value and importance of Asian heritage and culture, but there is still a lot of work to be done. For centuries (and more so in the past two years), we cannot ignore the racial discrimination that surrounds the AAPI community.

Join communities of change, donate to mission-driven organizations, and shopping for Asian brands are just a few of the many ways to show your support this month and always. As for the latter, read on to discover and support 12 Asian-owned hair brands we just can’t get enough of.

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