10 tips to make your perfume last longer

Of course, you found a good perfume; and it does everything you want a perfume to do. It captures the spirit of a beach vacation, is perfect for date night, or makes you feel like a million bucks. But finding the right scent is one thing; making sure you get the most out of it is a whole other art. Apply it like a novice and you’ll have an hour or two at best to smell good. But, use these tricks, and your scent will last long – and stay strong – until the end of your day…

10 tips to make your perfume last longer

1. Hydrate

Applying a fragrance-free body lotion or oil will always help the scent last longer. Dry skin doesn’t quite absorb and retain fragrance the same way softened skin does, so just rubbing in a moisturizer (which doesn’t interfere with the scent of your perfume) goes a long way. far.

2. Spray it only on pulse points

Pulse points or “hot spots” are where your arteries are closest to the surface of your skin and where, if you touch it lightly, you can feel your heartbeat; and radiates a fragrance better. Common pulse points that work well; wrists, collarbones, behind the knees and just behind the ears.

3. Check your concentration

Different variants have different fragrance concentrations; an eau de toilette lasts about 3-4 hours at best, while an eau de parfum is stronger, and lasts a good 6-7 hours without reapplication.

4. Brush it through your hair

Especially for people with long hair, this hack is fantastic for keeping your perfume on you throughout the day. Spray some in your hairbrush before running it through your hair, or if you’re keeping that shit short, spray some on your palms, let it settle, then work it through.

5. Don’t rub your wrists

That effortless action you saw in movies or at your grandmother’s dressing table growing up turned out to be wrong; it actually works at the expense of fragrance from a longevity standpoint. Rubbing actually breaks down the chemicals in your perfume, speeding up the process of breaking down and losing its scent.

6. Layer perfumes

It’s an interesting way to give your perfume a longer life on your person; start with a heavier scent, then spray on a lighter one that ties into the notes of the heaviest right after. The first fades and merges with the second, which comes later; a bit like a little fragrant afterparty.

7. Always spray your skin

…and not your clothes. Not only can perfume oils damage certain fabrics (from breaking down fibers to irreversible staining), but perfumes last very little on them. On the skin, however, they live much longer; and cause no wreckage in the market.

8. Store your perfume smartly

It all starts with proper storage; keep your scents on display on a sun-dappled dressing table, and you can be sure they’ll fade over time. Keep them in their original boxes, and in a cool, dark place and you preserve its solidity; which directly translates to longer life when you wear it.

9. Use scented cotton swabs

Don’t have the space to carry a bottle full of cologne or perfume for reapplying throughout the day? Spraying some on cotton balls and carrying them around in a small ziplock is a handy way around this; the cotton fibers hold the scent surprisingly long. Just pull them out and dab them!

10. Apply right after a shower

Bathing opens your pores like nothing else will, making your skin the most perfect receptacle for a scent. Dry your skin, moisturize just a touch then spray your perfume; you are guaranteed a few extra hours, easy.

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